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No One Lives Forever trademark filing hints at possible re-release

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As we reported last year, the rights to Monolith's 2000 comedy spy shooter No One Lives Forever dropped off the radar after Activision proverbially shrugged its shoulders as to the whereabouts of the game's ownership. Now, Siliconera has exposed some new intel on the franchise's trademark from a number of recent filings by Night Dive Studios, a classic PC game republisher. This isn't direct confirmation of NOLF's return to the field, but it sparks hope for the game's licensing troubles.

Classic horror game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream finds release on GOG

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Point-and-click adventure game I have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is now available on GOG, helping to bring yet another the classic PC game to a wider audience. Originally released in 1995, the horror game is based on a science fiction short-story by Harlan Ellison and should feature GOG's usual treatment of smooth, retro-game polish.

System Shock 2 arrives on Steam

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The infection spreads. System Shock 2, the atmospheric and genre-defining brainchild of Bioshock:Infinite designer Ken Levine, has been released on Steam. Originally published in 1999, System Shock 2 blended RPG and FPS elements with a cyberpunk flair right out of a William Gibson techno-nightmare.

System Shock 2 might be getting a re-release on GOG and Steam

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It seems classic horror shooter and BioShock precursor System Shock 2 may finally be available for purchase again soon. An article on Flesh-Eating Zipper reveals the news and points to the site for Night Dive Studios. The only problem is that the studio's page conspicuously lacks contact details or a firm announcement, so we can't verify the claim just yet. We certainly hope it's really happening.