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BioWare: next-gen graphics are "a big leap," but the difference "won't be as obvious"

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We've heard from Crytek on the stacked odds next-gen consoles face against PCs in the ongoing struggle for graphics glory, but BioWare has some thoughts on how money factors into whatever dances across your screen. In an interview with OXM, Art Director Neil Thompson believes the next graphics tier will represent "a big leap" for studios, but any such progression "won't be as obvious" due to already ballooned budgets.

BioWare flashes Dragon Age 3 concept art, praises Frostbite engine

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BioWare waxed artistic at the Animation Festival held at the UK's Bradford University yesterday (via Eurogamer) as part of a discussion charting the progress of gaming art throughout the years. It's certainly come a long way from poking a couple of dots into a face-shaped blob, but BioWare Art and Animation Director Neil Thompson focused more on how both painting pixels better and the meaty Frostbite 2 engine led to the Dragon Age 3 concept art snapshot he flashed upon the screen for all of three seconds.