Murdered: Soul Suspect announced again with new announcement trailer

Ian Birnbaum at

Square Enix has just released an announcement trailer for its upcoming post-death detective game Murdered: Soul Suspect. Murdered was already announced back in February, but I suppose we should avoid getting hung up on semantics.

The Kingsport Cases procedurally generates horror mysteries, demo on the way

Tyler Wilde at

The Kingsport Cases' drab port town manor may not dazzle, but a fascinating story machine churns beneath its pixels. It starts like many mysteries—you're a detective who arrives at a late-night party—but the layout of the manor, who you'll meet, their motivations, and the mystery itself are, according to developer Machines in Motion, proceduarlly generated for each new game. The novel idea is headed to Kickstarter on May 1, with a demo to follow shortly after, according to PC Gamer's e-mail correspondence with programmer and producer Andrew Stanek.