Motion control

Microsoft shares Kinect for Windows sample code under open source license

Omri Petitte at

Here's a spot of news tracking strongly on the intrigue-o-meter: Microsoft has released sample code for its Kinect for Windows peripheral under the Apache 2.0 license. In other words, the tech giant is giving PC developers a partially open source Kinect to play around with, opening up interesting possibilities for utilizing Microsoft's motion control device in games and other software.

Leap motion controller looks better than Kinect, shown working with Half-Life 2

Tom Senior at

The Leap is a new motion controller that tracks the movements of your hands and fingers to a super-fine degree of accuracy. It takes the form of a USB dongle that sits in front of your keyboard, looking up at your hands and doing techno-magic to pinpoint their position in 3D space.

CVG have highlighted a trailer showing the tech in action, and it's pretty impressive. It shows a number of quick demo clips including one that involves playing Angry Birds with a pair of chopsticks, and another showing the player taking out some Combine soldiers in Half-Life 2 with a finger gun. On the Leap site its creators claim that it'll be "more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen." Watch and judge for yourself with this video.

Portal 2 DLC adds Sixense motion levels, Hydra motion controller out now

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A new map pack for Portal 2 has been released, adding new six chambers designed to be played with the Razer Hydra motion controller. The controller features two control sticks that can be used to pick up items, stretch special cubes and rotate portals. The Hydra works with all Portal 2 single player and co-op missions, but the MotionPack levels will feature special items and puzzles that take advantage of the controller's unique abilities.