Terry Cavanagh abandons development on RPG project Nexus City

Phil Savage at

Terry Cavanagh, the man behind the indie hits VVVVVV and Super Hexagon (and, as such, the man whose name I've cursed thousands of times) has announced he's no longer to develop Nexus City, or its spin-off game Selma's Story. Nexus City was to be an RPG collaboration between Cavanagh and writer/developer Jonas Kyratzes, whose previous games include The Sea Will Claim Everything and the free Twine game Moonlight.

The Free Webgame Round-up

Tom Sykes at

Happy End of the World! At least, that's what I assume happened today - the Mayans have never steered me wrong before. If you're wondering, I'm typing this from a lead-lined vault deep underground, which I escaped to last night; one of the other Vault-Dwellers has been stealing water, but apart from that everything is fine. *Sobs*. Assuming there's still an Earth left, I'm guessing you've been transformed into some sort of hideous mutant, so I hope you have enough fingers to play a selection of the week's best webgames. Most of them aren't particularly Christmassy, so I suggest you Xmas them up a bit by wearing a santa hat and drinking a glass of mulled wine seasoned with a couple of sprouts. Oh and make these games last - I won't be leaving the vault until next year. Merry everyone!