Comic Book Hero: Football Manager, but with superheroes

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Football management sims are big business for the games industry, and people do seem to spend an intriguing amount of time playing them. They're one of the few games you can get away with playing at work. too. But what if - like us - you don’t have the slightest interest in football? You can’t get into Football Manager if you can’t get into football. We’ve tried.

Enter Comic Book Hero, which is essentially a footie management sim with the skill of being able to kick a ball replaced with the skill of being able to kick a bad guy in the face, repeatedly. Developers Grey Dog software have worked on MMA and wrestling management simulations before, so unbelievable superhero hijinks feel like a good fit.

Miles Jacobson on Football Manager 2011

Rich McCormick at

The latest Football Manager title, Football Manager 2011, is scheduled for a Christmas release. I interviewed Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive's Studio Director, to discover some of the new features that his team have implemented over the last year. A lot has changed. For detailed info on what's better, what's gone, and what's new, read on.

First Football Manager 2011 details revealed

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Sports Interactive yesterday announced 2011's version of their life-altering, habit-forming Football Manager series. The game's first screenshots are below, and I spoke to developer Sports Interactive's Studio Director Miles Jacobson – look out for the interview later on the site – who explained a few of the game's key features. Obviously, you'll be managing footballers under your charge, but there's a greater focus this year on reactivity: negotiations with players and agents are done quickfire over a virtual table, doing away with previous years' oddly slow back and forth on contract discussion.