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Don't Starve Together closed beta applications are now being taken

Andy Chalk at

Back in May, Don't Starve developer Klei Entertainment said that the multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together would be here this summer. That's clearly not going to happen, but work is still continuing, and the studio is now looking for volunteers to take part in the upcoming closed beta test.

Invisible, Inc sneaks onto Steam Early Access next week

Phil Savage at

Ha! I did it! After hours of subroutines and advanced 3D GUI's, I've finally stolen Invisible, Inc's upcoming trailer and... Wait, what do you mean it's on YouTube? Well how about this intercepted communique detailing the procedural turn-based stealth game's Steam Early Access release on 19 August? They've got that, too? Honestly, I don't know why I bother.

Don't Starve Together trailer shows haunting multiplayer, meaty effigies

Tom Sykes at

We already knew that Klei's beautifully illustrated survival game Don't Starve would be getting a multiplayer component this summer, but we hadn't yet seen a glimmer of it in action. If you think I'm leading up to a new trailer showing the new multiplayer mode in action...well, you're dead right. The following prototype footage reveals that it involves ghosts and meat-based effigies, just like my fourteenth birthday.

Don't Starve multiplayer expansion coming this summer

Omri Petitte at

Klei's season-survivor Don't Starve excels as a single-player experience, where a world full of dark forests, Moose-Goose, and warm beards tickles that roguelike itch in all the right ways. A missing and seemingly expected element of the genre—and a subject of heated debate across multiple closed threads on the game's official forums—is multiplayer support so friends can huddle together against winter's chill or place hats on neighboring pig-folk. Surprise: Klei's planning a multiplayer expansion out this summer and free for current Starvians.

Don't Starve's Reign Of Giants DLC stomps onto Steam, Klei says "beware of summer"

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If, like me, you're an inveterate Don't Starveaholic with a 300+ day save game, then you probably won't see another screenshot more exciting this year than the one above, showing Webber, one of the new characters in the Reign Of Giants DLC, looking melancholy in a sowester. It's live now on Steam Early Access, entry to which will set you back $4.

Invisible, Inc. alpha update detailed in new video

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Invisible, Inc. has a new alpha update along with a sharp video outlining some of the latest changes to the turn-based, espionage game. It's the ninth update for developer Klei Entertainment's alpha, with the new build giving players greater infiltration options but also tougher guards to try and deal with.

Incognita opens for alpha access, trailer shows turn-based espionage in action

Phil Savage at

I'm starting to worry about Klei, you guys. Between new Mark of the Ninja DLC, continued development on Don't Starve, and now the turn-based spy-'em-up Incongnita, they're pumping out an incredible number of games. Has anyone checked to make sure their office isn't full of developers chained to computers; forced to code strategic espionage-based interactions and draw gorgeously stylistic art? They've just opened Incognita for pre-order purchase, giving buyers instant alpha access to the game. Maybe they need to raise funds for some thicker restraints?

Mark of the Ninja's special edition DLC dated

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Earlier this year, Tom Sykes managed to scribble down a description of Mark of the Ninja's Special Edition DLC before it disappeared into the shadows. Since then, we've been searching for more information on the elusive update - poking around in bins, and shining lights down rat-ridden alleyways. It turns out that all we needed to do was follow developer Klei's twitter feed, as they've now announced August 16th as the date of the DLC's release.

Incognita livestream shows off 40 minutes of turn-based tactical espionage

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I was assuming the title of Klei's next game would be another helpful instruction like 'Don't Starve' or, you know, 'Shank'. Instead it's 'Incognita', which is the kind of name you'd give a Spanish secret agent in a Saturday morning cartoon. I am entirely OK with this. Another thing I am OK with: a forty-odd minute livestream of the turn-based espionage title, which if you missed it has been recorded and embeddified below.

Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve developer unveils tactical espionage game Incognita

Perry Vandell at

Don’t Starve has only just begun avoiding malnutrition post-launch and developer Klei Entertainment already has an entirely new project in the works.

Don't Starve update adds caves and bunnies

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If you’ve been itching for more Don’t Starve content, Klei Entertainment has just added some dark, dank caves for you to explore in an update today.

Don't Starve makes it to Steam, and it's 10% off

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If you're hungering for a new indie release, you'll now be able to avoid those inevitable stomach-gnawing pangs, because the whimsically sepia-tinged Don't Starve has grown out of its awkward beta phase to stand among the indie greats on Steam.

Mark of the Ninja to get Special Edition content, including non-lethal takedowns

Tom Sykes at

The first thing I ask of any stealth game is "Can you get through it without killing anyone?" It's not because I'm unsettled by the sight of blood, or I think that Goon #76 deserves to see his family again, but because a master thief should be able to sneak in and out without leaving so much as a fingerprint on the world. Being a ninja, the guy from Mark of the Ninja understandably wasn't too bothered with keeping people alive, but thankfully for us Ghosty types we'll soon be able to decide that for ourselves. The game's Special Edition DLC - released this Summer - will add non-lethal takedowns, in addition to a developer commentary and a new flashback level.

Mark of the Ninja review

PC Gamer at

There’s a guard in my way. I need to get to the air vent he’s stoically defending, and there’s about ten yards of well-lit room between him and the shadow-shrouded gantry I’m hiding in.

This is a serious problem. Not because I can’t figure out a way to stalk past the dunce and continue on my journey through to the top of this mercenary-infested skyscraper, you understand. Quite the opposite, in fact. There are just so many options at my disposal that I’m struggling to choose one.

Mark of the Ninja sneaks onto Steam on 16 October, trailer inside

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Ninjas aren't known for taking things by storm, but this one assuredly has: carving a path straight through the console crowd and making off with a full sack of high-scoring reviews. And now Mark of the Ninja is set to turn its 2D sneak-em-up charms to Steam. It arrives on 16 October at a price of $14.99.

Shank demo pits chainsaw against guns

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Shank is a bonkers 2D brawler in which you play as tough guy Shank, shanking up your enemies with shanks to save your girlfriend from the clutches of obese wrestler, the Butcher. The whole thing is beautifully drawn and animated, and if you like killing things with shanks, or chainsaws, or shotguns, then this might be just the game you're looking for. There's a demo out on Steam now.