Sword of the Stars gets another spin-off in the form of card-based wargame Ground Pounders

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Virtual card games. Everyone's at it these days, including [UPDATE: sort of] Sword of the Stars developers Kerberos. Not content with the 4X strategy game's first spin-off (roguelike The Pit), the team are making a 'wargame with cards' and they've decided to call it Ground Pounders. Although it hasn't officially been announced yet - expect that sometime this week - it does have a trailer and a tantalisingly empty website, so I'm fairly confident that it's a thing.

Sword of the Stars spin-off The Pit released on GamersGate

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We didn't think much of Sword of the Stars 2 the first or second time around, but perhaps its roguelikey spin-off The Pit will fare better. The dungeon-crawling sci-fi RPG has just been released exclusively on GamersGate - presumably it will hit other online stores later - and this demo should give you some idea of whether it's the pits or not. More details below.

Sword of the Stars 2 review

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Sword of the Stars 2 adds a couple of extra Xs to the traditional 4X grand strategy formula. The familiar explore, expand, exploit and exterminate are joined by their ugly siblings excruciating and extended-periods-of -crashing, making for a misjudged and painful sojourn in this poorly served genre.