Joel Bylos

Interview with Funcom's Joel Bylos: One content team, three games

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The last time I talked to Funcom's Joel Bylos, he was Game Director for The Secret World, overseeing its business model transition. In the wake of some staffing changes at the MMO developer, he has now been put in charge of content development for all three of Funcom's active products: The Secret World, Age of Conan, and the venerable Anarchy Online. We recently had a chance to ask Bylos a few questions over e-mail about his new role, the challenges of one team working on three game simultaneously, and what the future might look like for each of them.

The Secret World subscription model Q&A with game director Joel Bylos

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Earlier today it was announced that The Secret World is dropping its mandatory subscription requirement. After a subterranean dive into a lost temple of the Elder Ones, we were able to speak with Game Director Joel Bylos through an ancient standing stone about the change. The answers below will only be legible during a brief planetary alignment, so check them out while there's still time!