Jake Solomon

Interview: XCOM Lead Designer on the response to Slingshot DLC, death and loss in games

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While Firaxis' Jake Solomon and I were talking about the addition of The Second Wave to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, our conversation shifted to the game's poorly-received first paid DLC, Slingshot. From there, he also reflected on players' response to XCOM's difficulty and how 2012 was a banner year for "consequence" as a concept in video games.

XCOM Second Wave options officially released by Firaxis, patching in on Tuesday

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The Second Wave, a menu of toggleable XCOM campaign mutators, is being integrated into Enemy Unknown tomorrow in a free update. An unfinished version of the code was originally noticed by modders in October, who produced a tweak that switched on many of the settings less than two weeks after the game released.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown dev's three top tips for taking down ET

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By now, you’ve probably got stuck into the XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo and are jonesing for the full release of Firaxis' spectacular remake of the turnbased strategy classic. The known unknowns are no longer unknown - but what about the unknown unknowns? We'll be bringing you a huge guide to light every corner of XCOM's world at the game's launch, but for now, we’ve asked lead dev Jake Solomon for a few of his tips regarding the game’s early enemies. “Every alien has multiple counters,” he says...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Sid Meier not the only heroic game developer cameo

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Legendary Civilization game developer, Sid Meier himself, made a cameo appearance in an E3 trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown - now the lead developer Jake Solomon confirms he will not be the only game industry stalwart to turn up as a playable character.

Watch the PC Gamer PAX panel featuring Minecraft, DayZ, The Walking Dead, Bastion, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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It took us a while to figure out what sort of panel we wanted to put on at PAX. We knew we wanted to do more than a live version of our podcast (we do that every week)! We settled on storytelling as a topic because it's a particularly interesting moment in gaming for stories and storytellers. BioWare released the first fully-voiced MMO, and it responded to fan feedback about Mass Effect 3. "Choice" as a concept is leaking into every genre it can. Story generators like DayZ are innovating with systems rather than scriptwriting. But wait—conventional storytellers like Telltale are finding novel ways of humanizing characters.

Watch the PC Gamer PAX Megapanel livestream here at 2:30 pm PDT!

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Join us live at PAX Prime in Seattle today for the PC Gamer Megapanel, featuring a discussion on "The Incredible, Uncertain Future of Storytelling" with the super-creative minds of Jake Solomon (XCOM: Enemy Unknown), Dean "Rocket" Hall (DayZ), Greg Kasavin (Bastion), Sean Vanaman (The Walking Dead), and Markus "Notch" Persson (Minecraft).

The panel starts at 2:30 pm PDT (4:30 CDT, 5:30 EDT, 9:30 GMT) - if you're at PAX, come see it at the Kraken Theater, but if not: don't worry! You can watch it all live on the official PAX livestream inside.

Watch 2K play XCOM: Enemy Unknown live

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Members of XCOM: Enemy Unknown's development team, specifically lead designer Jake Solomon and producer Garth DeAngelis, along with community manager Greg Laabs properly kicks off the week leading into PAX with a livestream of the upcoming strategy/action/alien-sniping title's competitive multiplayer. Take a look at 2K's official stream channel, and for more info on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, check out our multiplayer preview.