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GOG offering pay-what-you-want Interplay bundle of nostalgia

Omri Petitte at

If one word encapsulates PC gaming's might during the 1990s, it's "Interplay." And maybe "Blizzard" or "Valve." OK, so a lot of words work. Still, the memory-generating might of the pack of 32 DRM-free Interplay games offered by GOG is probably the best trip back to a time when the internet was a fad and knowing your exact baud rate propelled you to the highest tier of your school's social hierarchy. Best of all: You pay what you want.

Interplay casts resurrect on Black Isle Studios

Omri Petitte at

Well, this is a pleasant punch of the nostalgia button: Fallout and Icewind Dale creator Black Isle Studios breathes life anew.

50 copies of Baldur's Gate up for grabs

Tom Senior at

Not only did Good Old Games recently come back from the fake-dead, they dragged Baldur's Gate back with them. GOG aren't the only masters of the dark arts around here: we've managed to conjure up 50 keys for BioWare's RPG classic. All you have to do to win one is post in the comments below. Read on for details.