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Piranha Games speaks out on Transverse crowdfunding and the future of Mechwarrior Online

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Some people like Mechwarrior Online, and some people really, really don't. Numerous MWO forum threads are filled with complaints about the incomplete state of the game, and the announcement of Transverse, the new sci-fi MMO project from developer Piranha Games, was met with a deluge of fresh anger. That upset was driven in no small part by the multi-million-dollar, in-house crowdfunding campaign; yet according to Piranha Games co-founder Bryan Ekman, crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways an independent studio can build both a loyal following and a market for its games.

MechWarrior Online competitive Tournament Series starts Sunday

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Now that private matchmaking has been firmly bolted in place, MechWarrior Online's first official competitive event is set to launch Sunday. It's been dubbed Tournament Series: First Engagement and will to pit 12-man teams against each other across a variety of maps and game modes leading to the finals on May 30.

MechWarrior Online gets private matchmaking, and a glitch, in latest patch

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In a move that could be transformative for competitive players as well as anyone looking to settle a grudge, MechWarrior Online has added a private matchmaking system. Dubbed the "Launch Module" by developer Piranha Games, the free-to-play shooter now offers a variety of options for setting up and carrying out tournaments, leagues, and 1v1 showdowns, depending on a player's level of investment in the game.

MechWarrior Online contest puts free BattleMech up for grabs this weekend

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One good way to get pilots into the hot seat of a new 'Mech is to let them fight for it. This weekend MechWarrior Online is giving players a clear path to ownership of a hulking and asymmetrical Thunderbolt variant—win five matches and the machine is yours.

MechWarrior Online adds achievement system, resets stat in new update

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MechWarrior Online's new achievement system will reward new players as well as the its most battle-hardened veteran pilots. The awards were added with yesterday's patch, and hand out in-game cash and GXP for completing various mundane and spectacular tasks on the battlefield. While several achievements can be won in a single match, others could take months or years.

MechWarrior Online gets DirectX11 visuals, new Banshee assault mech

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Like a pilot with a full compliment of jump jets at her fingertips, MechWarrior Online is always on the move. The shooter has seen a host of changes in recent months, and this week brings more tweaks under the hood in the form of DirectX 11 support as well as a new assault mech chassis.

MechWarrior Online's Launch Module to bring heavily improved matchmaking on April 29

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Even a game about titanic, stompy robots with laser cannons and violent paint jobs isn't immune to the challenges of multiplayer matchmaking. Piranha's MechWarrior Online is loads of fun of the heavy metal variety, but balancing various weight classes and pre-formed groups against public players sometimes delivers some frustratingly lopsided rounds. Pilots should scratch the date of April 29 into the side of their cockpits, as that marks the new Launch Module's, well, launch. The module will overhaul MechWarrior's system for matching similarly skilled players together in evenly balanced teams. It's all explained with plenty of text and pretty charts in an official forum post.

MechWarrior Online announces Clan Collection with $500 gold mechs, UI 2.0 still coming

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The free-to-play MechWarrior Online announced that players are now able to pre-purchase mechs from its upcoming Clan Collection, which will be released June 17. Prices start at $30 for the standard mech collections—going up to $240—and may include different variants, badges and custom titles, premium time, concept art, and other unique content.

Mechwarrior Online review

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MechWarrior Online doesn’t have melee combat, but it does have plenty in common with boxing. Both divide fighters into weight classes. Both test your pain tolerance against your damage output. In both, fighters target their opponents’ injuries while twisting to protect their own wounds.

And “brawler,” appropriately, is the nickname given to mechs built to fight within 100 or 200 meters. Here, at close range, MechWarrior’s resemblance to hand-to-hand combat is clearest: clumps of missiles hook into steel ribs, cockpits rattle like concussed skulls, assault mechs swing with every weapon until their arms fall off.

MechWarrior Online's upcoming Community Warfare expansion detailed

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New information on MechWarrior Online's Community Warfare came to light at the game's launch event in San Francisco last week, describing for the first time how the upcoming expansion might function. MWO creative director Bryan Ekman said faction warfare will add a leveling system and affect multiple areas of the game's economy as well as territory on its Inner Sphere star map.

MechWarrior Online releases fiery new map, mech pilots start sweating

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MechWarrior Online's new Terra Therma map looks like it will melt the armor plating right off your giant battle robot. Full of craggy peaks and open lava flows, the new environment went live today, making it the (doubly) hottest game world in developer Piranha Games's free-to-play, still-in-beta shooter.

MechWarrior Online creates tribute mech in memory of fallen fan

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MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games has created a custom mech in tribute to a young fan, 5-year-old Sarah Parries of Vancouver, Canada, who died from brain cancer in May. Proceeds from the $10 Jenner mech will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society, according to information released by the studio.

MechWarrior Online announces its lavishly named pre-order scheme

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In case the thought of purchasing a game before its release wasn't thrilling enough, MechWarrior Online has now gone and given you the opportunity to tell your friends that you're participating in "Project Phoenix." It may sound like an initiative to raise you from the dead upon your departure from this world, but really, it's a fairly standard MMO preorder program.

MechWarrior Tactics closed beta footage shows loadouts, gameplay

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MechWarrior Tactics developer Roadhouse Interactive has released an extensive new video detailing its upcoming BattleTech-inspired turn-based strategy game. Currently in the closed-beta phase of development, the footage offers insight into mech loadouts, gameplay, as well as the free-to-play title's economy.

MechWarrior Online March content plan includes largest map yet, more keybinds, "dynamic hanging items"

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Piranha has outlined the upcoming March updates for MechWarrior Online, which will include usability improvements and new items for players to tinker with while dancing the mech-on-mech ballet. The coming weeks bring, among other features, one-use modules, an expanded set of piloting controls, and dangly accessories for your cockpit such as fuzzy dice.

MechWarrior Online update adds Death's Knell, nostalgic startup sequence

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Stomping right behind the Spider Mech that launched last week, the Death's Knell is a new and agile robotic warrior included in MechWarrior Online's latest update. As a bonus, a familiar-sounding startup sequence for series veterans now plays whenever you switch on your towering titan.

Sins of A Dark Age cuts Commander role, closed beta now available for purchase

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When we first got a look at Ironclad’s Sins of a Dark Age, the developer underscored its intent to distinguish itself from competitors League of Legends and Dota 2 with by integrating an RTS role into its MOBA—Commander Mode. It was an insane idea, but we liked the thought of a game coming to the genre with a different focus, and we were confident Ironclad's experience making one of our favorite strategy games ever would help them pull it off.

Piranha "would love" single-player for MechWarrior Online

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"I'd love to see a big, new ten-hour single-player campaign for MechWarrior," Piranha Games co-founder Russ Bullock said during GDC Online. He's assuredly not alone on that wishful thought -- the MechWarrior franchise's bipedal chunks of armageddon typically came with colony and clan warfare. But speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Bullock cited the industry's "really tough" expectations for including worthwhile single-player as the primary reason for keeping the action multiplayer for now.