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Hatoful Boyfriend review

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(Warning: this review's screenshots contain light, if inexplicable, spoilers.)

Each time, I wake up as a young human girl named Hiyoko Tosaka. Each time, I enter, inexplicably, a school for gifted pigeons: St. Pigeonations Institute.

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Hatoful Boyfriend, the game of pigeon love, delayed until September

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The sad pigeon-wings of destiny have swooped down on Hatoful Boyfriend, the game of love between birds and the one human who dares go to school among them. It was originally supposed to be out this month, but publisher Devolver Digital revealed today that the egg needs a little more time in the nest.

Hatoful Boyfriend, the "pigeon dating sim," takes flight in August

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I want to play Hatoful Boyfriend. Not because I'm into avian amore, but because the mere concept of a "pigeon dating simulator" is so utterly bizarre that I feel compelled to fire it up and see what it's all about. And in roughly three weeks time, I will finally be able to satisfy my twisted curiosity—with a swanky collector's edition, no less.

Hatoful Boyfriend, the pigeon dating sim, is coming this summer

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Hatoful Boyfriend came into existence in 2011 as a Japanese visual novel, a type of interactive fiction. It was a romance story with a twist: Everyone in it, except you, is a pigeon. A bit strange, perhaps, but it attracted quite a fan following, enough to earn a translation into English and even a sequel. And now Devolver Digital has announced that a full-on remake is coming from Mediatonic later this summer.