Harmonix lays off 37 and chooses a new CEO, "retooling" musical shooter Chroma

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Less than one week after it successfully wrapped up the Amplitude Kickstarter, Harmonix has announced that it has laid off 37 employees and selected a new CEO; in a separate development, an email sent to testers of the "musical shooter" Chroma said the game isn't unfolding as the studio had hoped.

Chroma is a free-to-play musical shooter from the creators of Rock Band and CS:GO

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What do you do once you've made the best party game ever? If you're Rock Band developers, Harmonix, you team up with the creators of the latest Counter-Strike to form a superband, and then start work on a free-to-play team shooter. Chroma will feature "shooter mechanics" that "tie the game’s soundtrack directly to combat, traversal, and more," according to the announcement post on the Chroma blog. Each class in your team's violent band will use the beat differently, and major drops or tone shifts in the track can change the level geometry "raising sniper towers, adding cover, and more in sync with the music."