Steam Greenlight lets through eight more games, including World War 1 FPS

Phil Savage at

Steam bouncer Greenlight has found room on its guestlist for another eight games. Titles include Verdun, a World War 1 set MMOFPS; Day One, a survival game starring an alcoholic widower; Vector, a side-scrolling parkour 'em up; and In Verbis Vitus, an action fantasy in which you complete puzzles by shouting at your monitor. It's certainly one of the more interesting collections we've seen waved into the money disco.

Guncraft packs the heat with its preorder scheme

Katie Williams at

Now here's something to add to your Guncraft calendar, right next to the recently revealed release date—Guncraft's "officially" opening preorders in the lead-up to its "official" release. I put that word in quotes because though Guncraft is already sort of technically out there in the world of playability and preorders have been going for a good while, this is the first time any kind of preorder bonus has been revealed.

Guncraft release date set for July

Katie Williams at

Guncraft's been kinda-out for awhile now, with players cheerfully escaping rising pits of lava and walling themselves in to keep from adding to another player's killstreak. Now, though, it's got a formal release date—so if you've been wanting to try the Minecraft-crossed-with-CoD shenanigans, you've got a month left to be able to do so for free.

Guncraft trailer proves that if you build it, they will kill you

Tom Sykes at

Here's what we thought of Guncraft when we finally got our hands all over its - ouch - jagged voxels, but if you're itching to see how the competitive voxel-'em-up mixes Minecraft-style building with Call of Duty-style killin', you should probably direct your blocky, lo-res faces towards the latest trailer. As you might imagine, being able to create blocks of varying terrain and strength and drop them in the map in real-time creates some interesting tactical opportunities - as does constructing prefab structures beforehand, and deploying, say, a sniper tower into the world. A reminder: Guncraft is not the same as Ace of Spades, despite your brain's attempts to tell you otherwise.