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Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 review

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Just as we were warming up for Intel's Haswell CPU, Nvidia go and drop a whole new generation of graphics cards on our laps, with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 at the vanguard.

Well, when I say "whole new" that needs to be qualified just a touch. Nvidia haven’t suddenly forgotten all those roadmaps they've been showing off. This isn't one of the new Maxwell GPUs. The GTX 700 generation is essentially a refresh with the same basic graphical technology that we saw in the GTX 600 series, though the GTX 780 is itself a bit of an exception to that. It's actually taking the Titan's GK 110 GPU and shaving a little power off the top, giving us a card that performs slightly below Nvidia's state-of-the-art monster at a lower price point, ostensibly making the GTX 780 the oft-rumoured GTX Titan LE.

An Nvidia spokesperson pitched it as being "for everyone who loved Titan but couldn't stump up to an £800 graphics card." Does that claim stand up?

Nvidia surprised the Titan outsold the year-old GTX 690 in just 3 months. We're not.

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Nvidia’s dual-GPU behemoth, the GeForce GTX 690, has been out in the wild for over a year now, but the equally freakishly expensive GTX Titan has outsold it in less than three months. Now either the GTX 690 sold a pifflingly small amount (quite possibly) or the GTX Titan has been better received than even Nvidia thought.

According to Nvidia, it’s the latter.

Nvidia unveils Face Works - video capture tech accurate to a tenth of a millimetre

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It seems like you can't claim to be in the business of next-gen technology these days until you've wheeled out a giant floating man-face. David Cage summoned the disembodied head of Max von Sydow to boggle over the stage at the PS4 reveal, and now, not to be out-done, Nvidia have revealed their own real-time face-o-tech at their GPU Technology Conference in California.

Aiming to help us clamber up the other side of the uncanny valley, Face Works uses a face and motion capture technology developed at the University of Southern California’s Institute of Creative Technology (ICT). The Light Stage technology is able to capture data to within a tenth of a millimetre using photographic techniques that capture the geometry of an actor's face as well as the light transmission through human skin and the reflections that come from the oils too.

PC Gamer US Podcast #345 - Does PS4 Even Lift?

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This week, Tyler, Omri, and roguish host/space cowboy T.J. discuss whether or not Sony's PS4 announcement is relevant to PC gamers. And if it is, how relevant is it, really? Also, Nvidia's GTX Titan card, the return of Blizzcon, Crysis 3, and BioShock Infinite.

Plus listener questions and playlists, on a short but sweet PC Gamer Podcast 345: Does PS4 Even Lift?

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan review

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When I first saw the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan a couple weeks before launch Nvidia’s Tom Petersen explained that it was their “love story to gamers. It looks great, it sounds great and it has great performance.” And while he is right on pretty much all fronts, the GTX Titan is likely to only ever be a matter of unrequited love for all but a tiny percentage of PC gamers. When you price up a single graphics card at the same price as a performance gaming PC, that’s immediately most of your audience cut out.

So what is it? This is the fastest single-GPU graphics card on the planet and the very top-end of Nvidia’s Kepler architecture. We knew when the GTX 680 launched that it wasn’t home to the full-fat Kepler core - that was held over for the Tesla range of professional graphics cards, which need the amount of double precision compute performance the top GK110 GPU affords.

Nvidia unveil the GTX Titan. An elegant weapon for a more civilised age.

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Anyone remember Cray unveiling their new Titan supercomputer at the tail-end of last year? Y'know, that vast data-munching machine housing 18688 of Nvidia’s Tesla K20 graphics cards, each of which go for around £2500/$3500. I remember looking down mournfully at the GTX 680 in my test rig and thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to have just one of those graphics cards?”

Well, now you can.

Nvidia has re-engineered the GK110 GPU that sits at the heart of the professional Tesla cards and stuck it in a gaming-focused desktop boards. Thus, the GTX Titan is born.