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Supergiant's Greg Kasavin explains the process behind Bastion's narration

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No single element of Bastion has received as much attention and praise as the narrator, and justly so. The context-sensitive narrator, voiced by Logan Cunningham, made Bastion a richer and more personalized experience. But as Bastion's creative director and writer, Greg Kasavin, explained to RPS, the narrator emerged as the solution to a problem: how could Bastion give players a thought-provoking, memorable narrative experience without disrupting the action?

"We wanted to have something that had narrative depth to it, something that stuck with players after they stopped playing," Kasavin said. "It had to be more than the moment-to-moment play experience, and feel deeper than that. But then we didn’t want to interrupt the player with conventional story-telling – we didn’t want the player to have to stop and pick from a series of list options, or anything like that. That can be very jarring, or it can be done really well, such as in The Witcher 2. We knew we had to do it differently, and the narration allowed it to be key for us, because it kept with the player’s own pace, and never pulled them out of the flow of the game."