GLaDOS drops some science in new educational video from NASA

Ian Birnbaum at

Let's face it: learning science is almost always fun. You can build dioramas of the solar system with friends, study biology with a science teacher, or combine compounds in a lab with a partner. If we're being honest, though, the best way to learn any science is almost always with an evil artificial intelligence, bent on subjugating the world through its malfeasance, for science. That makes GLaDOS the best teacher ever, as demonstrated in a new NASA video.

Dota 2 blog post conceals first preview of the GLaDOS announcer pack

Phil Savage at

Valve are up to their old tricks again, concealing tasty teasers in otherwise unrelated blog posts. I like to think of it as Lazy ARG-ing. Bigger announcements would get a scrambled HTML comment that decoded into a website, containing an mp3 that, when run through a spectrograph analyser, would create a map pointing to an abandoned shack in the outer Hebrides, containing a switch that activated thousands of lasers that combined to broadcast a message on the moon. This, the first taste of the GlaDOS announcement pack for Dota 2, gets a hidden link in a full stop.

Exclusive Portal 2 BLC!

Logan Decker at

That’s bakeable, luscious content—available exclusively from PC Gamer!

When PC Gamer first chatted with GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain after the release of the original Portal, our conversation with the affable, multi-talentedaward-winner naturally turned to baked goods. As a native Southerner, McLain is naturally fond of Red Velvet Cake. But when she goes into the kitchen, what comes out is a plate of delicious, toasty, aromatic Pecan Tassies.

Now PC Gamer is proud to present the very first Portal 2 BLC: Ellen McLain’s own recipe for Pecan Tassies. We recommend baking four batches over the weekend and enjoying them in frequent breaks between co-op missions.

Download Portal 2: Songs to Test By (volume 1) for free

Dan Stapleton at

Move over Lady Gaga, here comes LaDY GLaDOS. While the latest Jonathan Coulton single will still cost you, Valve has posted 22 tracks - totaling more than an hour - of Portal 2's electro-trippy ambient soundtrack for free download, complete with album art and Android/iOS-formatted ringtones. Even if you're not a Portal fan, this is worth grabbing for tracks like Science is Fun and the hauntingly catchy Turret Wife Serenade.

Bonus: the fact that this is labeled "Volume 1" implies more free tunes will be coming sooner or later!

Tripwire Interactive make cry for help on Facebook. GLaDOS may be involved

Owen Hill at

The mysterious Valve countdown is killing us. Rich is "getting wiggly" and shaking like a frightened rabbit. Tom Senior is writing a mere 400 words per minute instead of his usual 500. Tim has left the office.

But what's this? As pointed out by Zolo (my favourite commentator of the day so far) Tripwire Interactive have posted a mysterious message on their Facebook page: "Her escape draws near... The central chamber is unlocking.... HELP US!"

What does this mean for the countdown? No-one knows. Apart from Valve, obviously. Not long to go though eh?