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Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlock DLC releases January 15, trailer shows sparkly teeth

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Borderlands 2's dapper gentleman hunter Sir Hammerlock was always around to aid the struggle against Handsome Jack from his remote safehouse, but now he's getting more involved by inviting the Vault Hunters on an expedition they can't refuse. Or maybe they can. If they do, they'll be skipping Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, the next DLC for Gearbox's loot-tastic RPG. It releases on January 15 for an expected price of $10/£6 or free for Season Pass holders.

Aliens: Colonial Marines survivor multiplayer trailer goes badly for all humans involved

Tom Senior at

The latest Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer shows of Survivor mode, in which playable Xenomorphs face off against a team of human-controlled Marine meatbags. The Marines must stay alive long enough to secure a small area in the face of waves of Xenospawn. The trailer shows a few new alien types as well, including one that tears its own head open and then explodes, and one that mounts Marines and vomits acid into their faces. Shouting, screaming, shrieking and the white noise of endless machine gun fire await you in the video below.

Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC released today

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If a syringe containing the distilled souls of Dragonball Z's Hercule Satan, Team Fortress 2's Saxton Hale, and Hulk Hogan was injected into someone's arm, you'd get Mr. Torgue. If you asked Mr. Torgue what his favorite kind of explosion is, he'd respond with "YES." If a vault hunter asked him for directions to the newest uncovered vault, he'd throw his horns in the direction of his freshly launched Campaign of Carnage DLC for Borderlands 2. And then blow it up with the grenades his hand was holding.

Balls of iron(y): Duke Nukem voice actor dislikes violence, guns

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When unloading a shotgunful of death or crushing a shrunken Pig Cop alien beneath your manly boots in Duke Nukem, you can always expect to hear a clever follow-up—quips that defined one of classic PC gaming's most memorable characters. Jon St. John, owner of the deep baritone fueling Duke's wisecracks, has reprised his role in a franchise spanning nearly 15 games, but he doesn't necessarily share Duke's pleasure of slugging bullets into warm bodies. In fact, during the latest episode of the Unlimited Hyperbole podcast (via PCGamesN), he revealed his aversion to guns and the violence they promote, saying, "I don't care for guns in general."

Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC screenshots show colorful pirate lair, poor ship parking

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SpongeBob Squarepants' term "nautical nonsense" probably best summarizes the scurvy Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC releasing for Borderlands 2 tomorrow. In the new hooligan's haven of Oasis, players track down the titular Captain aboard a very Lucas-esque sand skiff and join her search for a magical Pandoran treasure. Expect an extra chunk of 10 to 15 hours of gameplay for $9.99/£6.20. Until tomorrow, check out the new snaps inside.

Borderlands 2 DLC expansion revealed as "Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty"

Marsh Davies at

Borderlands 2 looks like it will receive a piratically-themed expansion, if the sleuthing of PS3Trophies is anything to go by. The PS3 version of the game received a title update yesterday, and eagle-eyed members of the community quickly spotted a number of extra trophies (otherwise known as "achievements" to me and thee) which made reference to an expansion titled "Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty".

Borderlands 2 grenade mod creates bouncing bomb mayhem

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I just can't seem to master lobbing splodes in Borderlands 2, but this devastating Legendary MIRV/Bouncing Bettie Hybrid grenade mod might just help my inept throwing arm. Spotted over at Kotaku, the "Rolling Thunder" mod is a loot drop from Wilhelm, the boss at the, uh, end of "End of the Line". Video within!

How to enable split-screen in Borderlands 2

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A poster on Gearbox's official forums has created a walkthrough explaining how to jury rig split-screen co-op into the PC version of Borderlands 2.

Gearbox already brainstorming for Borderlands 3

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The smoke still belches forth from our endlessly firing guns in Borderlands 2, but Gearbox lost no time swinging straight into toying with more absurd quips, plotlines, and bonkers bandits yelling "Stop yelling at me!" for Borderlands 3, according to a recent video interview with lead writer Anthony Burch.

Borderlands 2 bug resets Badass Rank to zero

Chris Thursten at

A bug affecting all versions of Borderlands 2 has been resetting players' account-wide Badass Rank to zero and wiping associated bonuses, including unlocked skins and upgrades.

The issue is "fairly rare" according to Gearbox Community Manager Chris Faylor and the developers are working on a resolution.

Gearbox: More Borderlands 2 DLC incoming

Rob Edwards at

Borderlands 2 won’t be running low on DLC anytime soon according to Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford, who has confirmed that there will be a plethora of content available for download after the four Season Pass releases that were announced in August.

Meet Borderlands 2's most annoying gun

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Gearbox's totally accurate "zillion guns" boast has players buying, unearthing, gambling, and stealing a galaxy-spanning variety of weapons across Pandora. Today marks special significance, however, as one Vault Hunter procured what's probably the wackiest and most annoying gun ever. Why? Well, see for yourself inside...but you might want to turn down the volume first.

Borderlands 2 ten hour 'Torque' DLC rumoured

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A Borderlands 2 expansion codenamed 'Torque' could be on its way from The Workshop - the developer behind PS Move game Sorcery.

Kotaku report that games industry super sleuth Superannuation has dug up a number of CV's from The Workshop employees past and present referencing the project. The resumes of an animator and level designer, which have since been removed, mentioned work on Borderlands 2 and specifically the 'Torque' expansion.

Borderlands 2 review

Tom Francis at

Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter that randomly generates the guns you find, varying damage values, clip sizes, accuracy, and even how many bullets they fire at once. It’s built like an RPG: you level up by killing things, improve your character’s abilities, and find higher-level guns to kill higher-level beasts and bandits on a rocky, backwater planet.

That was already compulsive in Borderlands 1, but here the formula’s been tweaked to ridiculously addictive effect. I think I had one or two guns I really liked in Borderlands, and the rest were necessary but uninspiring situational alternatives. In 2, I have a full loadout of weird, powerful and satisfying weapons I love, and an entire ‘alternate’ set in my backpack that I switch in and out to compare potency.

Borderlands 2 skill trees detailed in funky web-app

Marsh Davies at

The Borderlands 2 website has launched this handy little skill picker, allowing you to explore the skill trees of the game’s four complex classes: Commando, Assassin, Siren or Gunzerker.

Aliens: Colonial Marines' Escape multiplayer mode will make you flee for your life

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The multiplayer portion of Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines seeks to offer a good time for both the Marines, who should learn to avoid dank, dimly lit facilities, and the Aliens, who very much enjoy hunting down and eviscerating those Marines. Today, publisher Sega announced a new mode called Escape. Just like it sounds, Escape challenges Marine players to an extraction point sprint as the Xenomorphs chomp at their heels with their acid-drooling mouth-in-mouth jaw things.

Borderlands 2 has gone gold

Tom Senior at

Borderlands 2 is done and dusted according to a tweet from Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. "Borderlands 2 is now GOLD" he exclaims. Now they just have to print the discs and train an army of puppies to nudge them gently into thousands of plastic boxes. That'll take about a month it seems, as Borderlands 2 is due out on September 18. If only we had invented a better way of putting the discs in the boxes, but no CEO alive can bring themselves to approve a redundancy package for 10,000 puppies.

Borderlands 2 trailer features Handsome Jack's massive chin, robotic armoury, robot army

Rob Edwards at

A new Borderlands 2 trailer is upon us. It finds the deluded villain, Handsome Jack, addressing the people of Pandora as their "hero" before sneering at the Borderlands 2's actual heroes, the four new playable vault hunters, the Gunzerker, the Siren, the Commando and the Assassin. He insists they couldn't possibly have enough guns to take him down - cue sweeping shots of a vast armoury of randomly generated firearms and some swift backtracking from Handsome Jack. Will these super-villains never learn?

Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer shows Smartgun carnage, macho marines, polite conversation

Tom Senior at

This latest look at Aliens: Colonial Marines answers an important question. What are the marines seeing when they look through the Smartgun's heads up display? Were they playing a bit of Tetris to take their minds off the hordes of charging aliens? Sadly not. They were actually watching a readout dishing out XP for every alien kill. Double kill! Triple kill! Godlike!

That explains their gung-ho attitude. Maybe it was all a game to them, right up to the moment where a Xenomorph got too close and they met a horrifying end. Hear Gearbox devs chatting about the Smartgun and more in the latest developer diary, which contains a few tantalising, wafer-thin slices of in-game footage amid all the well-mannered talking heads.

Borderlands 2 trailer has mechs, turrets, rockets and killer wildlife

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A new Borderlands 2 trailer has arrived, providing another two minute mental detour through Pandora. It's as exotic, irreverent and violent as you'd expect, but thankfully the angry mechanoid wheezes of the hard dubstep tracks of previous videos have been replaced with something a little more serene. Namely, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. It's an unusual sonic backdrop to the mech battles, murderous wildlife and prolific posing of the sequel's four main playable characters.

Consider this the point of no return. If you want that piece of music stuck in your mind for the rest of the day, by all means, continue. Altogether now, "a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-whimoweh."