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How I Game: Teddy Lee — Co-founder, Cellar Door Games

Ben Kim at

Most people read textbooks. Teddy Lee, Game Designer at Cellar Door Games, uses them as monitor stands. As the lead designer on Rogue Legacy, he says he also has to deal with dust clumps, screeching monitors, and ugliness.

Guild Wars 2 meets Mech Warrior in the Asura battle suit

Gavin Townsley at

As the small guy on the block, you occassionally need to hire some muscle to get things done on time. The Asura of Guild Wars 2 are doing just that--except they're building their muscle. The newly announced Asura Battle Suit racial skill will put the players in the husk of a golem, allowing you to feel as mighty as the Norn without losing that cute physique we've come to love. It's only a matter of time until one of the tinkering Asura figure out how to mount some rockets launchers on those shoulders. We squeezed Guild Wars 2 game designer Jon Peters for all the extra info he'd give on these magical mech warriors.