Guild Wars 2 meets Mech Warrior in the Asura battle suit

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As the small guy on the block, you occassionally need to hire some muscle to get things done on time. The Asura of Guild Wars 2 are doing just that--except they're building their muscle. The newly announced Asura Battle Suit racial skill will put the players in the husk of a golem, allowing you to feel as mighty as the Norn without losing that cute physique we've come to love. It's only a matter of time until one of the tinkering Asura figure out how to mount some rockets launchers on those shoulders. We squeezed Guild Wars 2 game designer Jon Peters for all the extra info he'd give on these magical mech warriors.

PCG: What kind of cool down will the battle suit skill have?

Jon Peters: It's unknown at this time, but it will be similar to other Elite skills.

PCG: Can friends join you in the battle suit?

JP: It's designed for one player, but one person summons the battle suit, then anyone can interact with it to get into it and use it.

PCG: What kinds of skills does the battle suit open up?

JP: We haven't finalized those skills yet, but you will be able to spin around, punch guys, etc. Cool stuff like that.

PCG: Will non-asura be able to join you in the suit?

JP: Yes, player characters of any race can use the battle suit, not just asura.

PCG: Is the suit golem-like in nature?

JP: While the suit is about golem-sized and shares some design elements, it definitely looks different than your standard unmanned golem.

PCG: Will the battle suit be used by enemy asura?

JP: Yes. Battle suits can be used by PCs, but enemy asura (such as the Inquest) would definitely have access to their own suits.

PCG: Any chance of the asura battle suit being usable in PvP?

JP: In World vs World vs World PvP, absolutely yes! In competitive PvP the battle suit will get banned from tournaments.