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War Thunder: Ground Forces expansion moves its tanks into open beta

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War Thunder was already pretty war-y, what with its battling sky-tanks. Or "planes". Now, though, it's even war-ier, thanks to a new update that introduces ground-tanks. Or "tanks". The long-teased Ground Forces expansion has been released into open beta, giving a new altitude for players of the free-to-play combat game to fight across. Naturally, the launch trailer features lots of angry metal boxes rolling across some fields.

War Thunder updates with DirectX 11 support, gets 20 new planes and updated progression

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As numbers go, 1.37 is pretty unassuming. In terms of game updates, it's the sort of number that would herald a percentage decrease in assault rifle bullet drop, the removal of Herobrine, or the fixing of a rare bug that caused all enemies to be jam. But major game changing features? Surely you'd save that for a proper tenth decimal place.

Not if you're War Thunder, apparently. Their 1.37 patch is a significant update, bringing fancier visual flair through DirectX 11 support, as well as new planes, a new custom missions system, and completely redesigned unlock progression. A developer video rounds up the changes of this numerically surprising patch.

War Thunder trailer introduces the stars of the Ground Forces expansion, now in closed beta

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It's a celebrity packed trailer for War Thunder's Ground Forces expansion. They've got all the stars: the infamous Light-Grey Tank, the controversial Dark-Grey Tank, and the much idolised Dirty Greenish Tank. Okay, fine, I'm as unsuited to distinguishing between tanks as I am to actual celebrities. Whatever their names are, though, they're probably here, in a big ol' tank montage introducing the once aerial-only free-to-play battler's more grounded update.

War Thunder plans for ground forces closed beta, taking off next month

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How thunderous are planes? They're in the sky, which is where thunder lives, but do they really have that unstoppably primal element that should accompany the adjective? If not, that's a problem for a game like War Thunder, which until now has focused on the aerial side of World War 2. The solution, it seems, is to introduce playable ground forces to the free-to-play dogfighter - specifically tanks. Tanks are definitely thunderous. And warlike.

War Thunder releases beautiful, bullet-ridden new CGI trailer

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World War 2 combat simulator War Thunder has come a long way since it got Steam Greenlight approval back in February. Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment has released a gorgeous new CGI trailer for the free-to-play MMO, giving us a slow-motion glance at the human side of its incredibly mechanized battlefield of planes, tanks, and naval warships.

Runner 2 trailer sprints to the finish ahead of tomorrow's launch

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I had a complicated relationship with the original Bit.Trip Runner, both really enjoying it and being hopelessly frustrated by it at the same time. The last few levels caused more vitriolic cursing than any other game I can recall. The sequel, BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, is released tomorrow. Yay?

No joke: World of Planes flight sim MMO is real

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They all laughed back on April 4, when PC Gamer posted a story on World of Planes, an exciting massively multiplayer WWII flight sim from Wings of Prey developer Gaijin Entertainment...which Gaijin revealed on their forums to be a joke. Yeah yeah, we fell for it. Very funny.

Well, who's laughing now?

That's right: Gaijin checked in today to say that World of Planes [update: not to be confused with's just-announced World of Warplanes] is not, in fact, an April Fools joke, but a real game about planes and the wonderful world they fly in.

We've learned a valuable lesson from this: all April Fools joke game announcements are real, no matter how much developers may claim otherwise.

World of Planes, a massively multiplayer WWII flight sim

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Update #2: Stunning reversal! As of June 9, World of Planes is no longer a joke - it's real!

Update: Well, now we're a bit embarrassed. It seems that our April Fool's Day filter still needs a few improvements: Gaijin recently revealed that this game announcement was meant as a joke. That doesn't stop us from hoping that somebody somewhere is actually developing a massive flight sim game, however.

Wings of Prey creators, Gaijin Entertainment have announced that they're working on a new online flight sim set in World War 2. It's called World of Planes, and will let hundred of planes fly together in one game. World of Planes will stretch across Eastern, Western, Pacific, and Mediterranean theatres of war, and allow players to upgrade their planes as they level up, and take part in three month long wars to defeat enemy countries, gain ranks and earn new flying machines.

Wings of Prey - PC Gamer UK's Simulation Of The Year

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With its breathtaking terrain and heart-stopping battles, this air combat sim is flying high. We waggle our wingtips at Wings Of Prey.

A much-loved PC combat flight sim is ported to consoles and gets utterly trashed in the process. PC favourite IL2 was converted to console-focused Wings of Prey. The script was written the second the game was announced, but rather splendidly, Gaijin (the port-ers) failed to read it. Rather than hammering flat all of IL-2’s subtleties, the Russian team preserved them, producing a game that’s stronger than its prototype in several areas. Even better, they flew their new title back to PC simmers.