Dragon Age 2 Facebook game is live

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Dragon Age: Legends is now out of beta and available to everyone on Facebook. The game acts as a companion to Dragon Age 2, and is set in the same region of the Free Marches. You play as a Templar called Ravi, who must destroy a demonic abomination threatening to obliterate the town of Kaiten with what Bioware are calling "a hedonistic orgy of narcissism and opulence." Why would you want to stop that?

The story isn't the only reason to play Dragon Age: Legends, there's also some loot on offer. There will be five items to unlock for your character in Dragon Age 2, including a couple of ancient ring, a magical pendant, a trophy rack, and more. To play, simply visit the Dragon Age: Legends Facebook page.

Civilization Facebook game to launch alpha next week

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The long dormant Civilization World project has suddenly sprung to life. A Facebook message from Sid Meier has announced that the project will now be called Civ World, and a playable alpha of the game is set to start next week.

Confessions of a Zuma Blitz obsessive

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Right now, I should be writing about my terrible addiction to Zuma Blitz. Realistically, an article like this should take me no time at all. But it’s taken me four long hours to confess to you the depth of my obsession. Why? Because every time I write a sentence, I’m drawn back to my web browser and before I know it, I’ve clicked ‘Play Again’. ‘Research’, I mumble, over the sweet sound of plinking. Research into a basic colour-matching game that I’ve already sunk 30 hours into.

Civilization Facebook game coming next year

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Civilization Network plans to take Civilization to Facebook, letting friends team up and forge new civilizations online. The game was announced way back in October 2009, but Take Two have just confirmed that yes, it's still alive, and it's definitely coming next year. Not much is known about the game right now, except that it will be free to play, but more details are set to emerge soon on Civilization Network's Facebook page, where Take Two have announced that they will be looking for some beta testers in future.

Dragon Age 2 Facebook game announced

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Bioware have announced that they're working on a Facebook game. It will be called Dragon Age Legends, and will let you and your friends group together to unlock items in Dragon Age 2.

This is the best PC games collection we've seen

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We've been asking you silly readers a lot of questions on the monstrously popular PC Gamer Facebook group. A couple of days ago, we asked you to post a photo or picture of you PC game collection. This is Brian Smith's collection. Just look at this lot!