Garbage Truck Simulator 2011 review

Steve Hogarty at

There are several glaring inaccuracies in this sim. You’re unable, for instance, to smash my gate up. Or leave everyone’s wheelie bins strewn all over my street as if you think that’s an acceptable way to do your job.

Surgery Simulator review

Rachel Weber at

If you really want to perform surgery without a licence, grab some sharp kitchen knives, a soundproofed cellar and a lot of chloroform. A life sentence is preferable to the medical malpractice of this terrible surgery sim.

There’s no story: just ailments, like a broken leg or tonsils, for you to mechanically slice and dice. Operating is just clicking, pointing and dragging as instructed by your frankly impertinent assistant. She barks an order at you for every action, from the hernia repair to the appendectomy. It makes it not only pretty impossible to mess up, but conversely hard to experiment and have some fun. She won’t even let you carve ‘I heart knives’ into your patient’s stomach, or make intestine balloon animals. It’s all forceps and disinfectant, spray and clamps.