Eve Online: Retribution

EVE Online passes 500,000 subs, teases plans for the Second Decade of the space-faring MMO

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CCP Games today announces that their epic ships-n-stats sci-fi MMO has soared past the 500,000 subscriber mark, filling the interstellar skies with an ever-growing number of ruthlessly Machiavellian space-bastards for a tenth year running.

EVE looked a little wobbly a while back with a full-on rebellion among its players, dismayed at the apparent disinterest of the developers, typified by the introduction of ludicrously expensive microtransactions. Since then, CCP bosses have expressed contrition and devoted themselves to recovering the good will of their audience. On a conference call yesterday, a tremendously bearded Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said that the surge in numbers was evenly split between new players and returning players, and driven by the game's relaunch in China and the release of the free Retribution expansion, back in December.

EVE Online producer: "I don't ever want EVE to be nice and fluffy"

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EVE Online's Retribution expansion increased accessibility to the spacefaring MMO with its interface adjustments for guiding new players to their untimely death—er, their first few steps. But speaking to Eurogamer, CCP Executive Producer John Lander stressed the importance of retaining EVE's mystique in the wake of Retribution's release, saying, "I don’t ever want Eve to be nice and fluffy."

EVE Online: Retribution expansion releases with tons of new features, new ships and rebalances

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The 18th EVE Online expansion, Retribution, is now being transmitted to subscribers. Retribution rebalances EVE's ships, introduces new destroyers and an industrial frigate, and adds many new features, such as safeties to prevent accidental crime, greater potential consequences for committing crimes, and improved enemy AI. All of Retribution's new hardware and deep space tweaks are described in detail on EVE's official site.

EVE Online: Retribution adding hard logout system, no crime toggle

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Whoops. I accidentally discharged my cargo of extremely sharp eating utensils through my missile tube right at a nearby police frigate. As I yet again contemplate my utter incompetence at playing EVE Online, I can't help but look forward to the noob-friendly services the incoming Retribution expansion provides. In a dev blog posted yesterday (via Massively), CCP Designer Greyscale detailed the safe logoff and criminal action toggle systems deploying alongside Retribtution's bounties and new ships on December 4.

Eve Online Retribution site shows new Destroyers, details bounty system overhaul

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Eve Online's next expansion is on the event horizon, bringing promised NPC AI upgrades, four new Destroyers, a new ORE frigate, rebalanced ship classes and new "tactical combat features," which equates to some UI streamlining. The bounty hunting system will get an interesting makeover as well. Major bounties will scroll across Eve's floating space-billboards and the reward system for successful hunts has been tweaked to make bounty hunting a valid career choice for budding Boba Fetts.

A detailed run-down of Retribution's features can be found on the new Retribution site, which even has an interactive preview utility for the new ships that lets you rotate them in space and tickle their bellies, because spaceships love it when you do that. For deeper detail regarding the December 4 update, check out the CCP dev blog.