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Ether One review

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I’d cracked the puzzle: found the to-do list, cleaned the coffee machine and located the Warden’s mug. To complete the memory I just had to place it on his desk, which I did, expectantly. Bugger all happened. Somewhere in Ether One’s story I’d skipped a line, too dense to connect the clues I was given. I felt daft.

Ether One’s lateral challenges are not Myst’s. Making sense out of Myst demands the mind of a prodigy and a diet of LSD. When Ether One has you stumped, you’re missing the obvious. For an adventure puzzle game that’s the Holy Grail.

Surreal psychodrama Ether One lands next week

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Ether One has been teasing us for quite some time, but next week the Oculus Rift–capable exploration game is finally free to mess with our minds. To celebrate, we’ve got a spanking-new release trailer to check out the weird world of the memory repair technician, also known as a Restorer.

Ether One trailer prepares you for the psychological adventure that's releasing next month

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Ether One is a game about being strapped into a virtual reality machine. It's also an Oculus Rift supporting psychological thriller, making it a game that can be played by being strapped into a virtual reality machine. This is a storytelling device known in the business as "being meta as all heck". Unlike the Oculus Rift, though, Ether One now has a release date. Its virtual virtual reality will be ready for activation on March 25th.

Ether One trailer: reality optional as you explore the depths of memory

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Ether One's mystique first embedded itself in our synapses during our roundup of the best-looking upcoming games. Developer White Paper recently shared an enigmatic new trailer for the first-person adventure, which is themed around the surrealism of dreams, the dangers of mental instability, and repurposing recollections using nothing but a magical camera.