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Humble Indie Bundle 7 adds three more games

Chuck Osborn at

Now there's even more reason to use that holiday cash Aunt Myrtle sent you on something charitable. The ongoing Humble Indie Bundle 7 has just expanded its indie game offerings to include The Basement Collection of Flash games, the action puzzle platformer Offspring Fling, and the retro 2D platformer Cave Story. The original bundle was packed with indie hits Snapshot, Closure, The Binding of Isaac and its Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Shank 2, Dungeon Defenders and its DLC, Legend of Grimrock, and the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. So, for the next six days, you can snatch up nine full games and one movie for a price that's absurdly close to free.

Mojam Humble Bundle: pay what you want for "Egyptian steampunk RTS racing game."

Tom Senior at

Look up there! Mojang are making games! For the duration of the weekend they'll be throwing together new ideas and making a game from thin air, like wizards. You'll be able to pay what you want for the end result in the new Mojam Humble Bundle.

Nobody quite knows how the game will come together over the course of the next 60 hours, but the team have run a poll on the Mojang site to try and decide their direction. They're planning to use the most popular and least popular choices from each list, which means they're currently set to make an "ancient Egyptian steampunk real-time strategy racing game." You'll be able to watch their progress live on the video stream above.