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Something horrible is afoot in Battlefield Heroes

Katie Williams at

Nothing bad could come of chugging a bottle of oddly glowing green liquid labeled "Miracle Tonic of the Ancients," right? I mean, according to this Battlefield Heroes trailer, it's capable of curing everything from rocket-induced toothaches to male pattern baldness! So this stuff can't be half bad. I'm sure it won't turn anybody into a mutant zombie at all.

Battlefield Play4Free unlocks system detailed

Tom Senior at

Battlefield Play4Free will be a free-to-play Battlefield game with Battlefield 2's maps and Battlefield: Bad Company 2's weapons. Easy Studios have been talking more about how character customisation and levelling up will work in the game. Instead of Bad Company 2's linear unlocks, players will gain points that can be spent on a choice of skills to improve their character, unlocking different roles within each class. Read on for more information, and some hot skill trees.