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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters review

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The game loads up and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters informs me that I can now purchase Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. Is this Inception-like advertising an evil way of getting confused customers to buy infinite copies, or just endemic of the laziness behind EA’s latest golf-sim update?

It’s a bit of both. This is an offline version of EA’s Tiger Woods Online game, built using the browserfriendly Unity engine, which enables players to compete in the Masters tournament and exhibition matches without the fear of slicing it in front of people. But it still hooks into the subscription based-Tiger Woods Online, and I don’t think I’ve ever played a clumsier attempt to integrate offline and online.

Fifa 12 review

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There are two instances in which you’re likely to see a footballer somersault on the pitch. The first is if he’s scored a goal and communicates his joy through the medium of gymnastics, the second is if his legs have just been taken out by a defender and he communicates that he no longer has the ball through the medium of flying and screaming. Both instances are simulated spectacularly in FIFA 12.

For the first time in many seasons, this year’s edition of FIFA on PC is identical to its console cousins – the same engine, animations and online modes that console players have come to expect, as well as the new defensive controls and an ‘Impact Engine’ designed to render player collisions with devastating accuracy.

Fifa 12 sells 3.2 million in one week

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Fifa 12 has only been out for week, and already 3.2 million own it, according to word from EA, who say it's "the biggest launch in the history of sports videogames." Here's another factoid: Fifa 12 has sold 23% more than Fifa 11 in its first week. And another: Fifa 12 is the biggest launch of the year so far. Blam!

It is rather good. We've been playing it all week and STILL haven't managed to score with the goalkeeper, and for some reason every game I play with Owen ends in a nil-nil draw. Why? Probably because we're defensive maestros, or incapable of putting together an attack without making our players fall over. This year's Fifa is a big step forward on PC especially. We finally get the fully featured console build, complete with upgraded animations and the Impact Engine. If you want to try it out, check out the Fifa 12 demo. Have you been playing Fifa 12? Tell us your thoughts!

FIFA 12's Impact engine might need a bit of work

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The FIFA 12 demo is out now. This year, they've added a smart new physics engine, the "Impact Engine", to better model player collisions. Think of GTA's hilarious ragdolls, but with more balls. This video, spotted via Reddit, suggests it might need a little bit of work.

What a finish.

Fifa 12 demo out now

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For the first time in years, the new Fifa on PC gets all the same bells and whistles as the console versions. That means we'll get the crunching tackles enabled by the Player Impact Engine. You can see the new tech in action right now, in the 1.5 GB Fifa 12 demo, which offers 3 minute matches in Man City's Etihad arena. Arsenal, Man City, Barcelona, Milan, Marseille, and Borussia Dortmund are all playable, and the demo includes a series of tutorials to teach you the finer arts of tackling horribly late and mangling up your opponent. Fifa 12 is out on September 27 in the US, and September 30 in Europe.

Fifa 12 release date and trailer

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[bcvideo id="1113007505001"]
More release dates coming out of the EA conference, this time for Fifa 12, and with a spiffy new trailer along with it. I particularly like the bit where the attacker scores a goal by bouncing it off the bottom of an unfortunate defender.

There are three dates to remember, September 13th, when the demo is released, September 27th, when the game launches in the US, and September 29th, when the game launches in Europe. You can pre-order it now on Origin.

As we told you previously, Fifa 12 will make no distinction between the PC and console versions, with us getting the full set of features.

Fifa 11 goals of the season video has expert dribbling and overhead kicks

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With the Fifa 11 'season' winding down in preparation for Fifa 12EA sports have put up some of their favourite user uploaded goals of the game. As we told you before EA claim Fifa 12 will get the full list of features on PC next year, so we look forward to seeing a lot more of these coming from PC gamers.

E3 2011: Fifa 12 video shows new skills, release date leaked

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The release date for Fifa 12 has apparently been leaked by a poster sent to X360A, picked up by VG247. The poster gives a UK release date of September 30 this year. There's no international date just yet, but games typically launch on the Tuesday before European dates, which gives us a speculative date of September 27. I look forward to kicking EA's balls on that day.

Fifa 12 screenshots released, PC won't get "impact engine"

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The first official trailer for Fifa 12 shows off the "impact engine," a new physics system designed to render collisions and injuries with incredible accuracy, improving the realism of tackling, and making the game look more believable. Sadly it looks as though Fifa 12 will be lagging behind consoles yet again because, as Eurogamer report "the Impact Engine will only power the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game."

It took a long time for the PC version of previous Fifa games to finally get the upgraded engine first introduced on consoles. Though it wasn't on a par with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Significant improvements were made in Fifa 11. It looks as though PC will get a second rate version of the footballing sim again this year. EA have also released some new Fifa 12 screens. You'll find them embedded belatedly below.

Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 to get live demos at E3 2011

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Spike TV have detailed the games that will feature at the EA conference at this year's E3. VG247 scooped the details from a Spike press release, which promises an "explosive, never before seen demo of Battlefield 3" along with live demos of Mass Effect 3 and Fifa 12. The event will last an hour, and will also reveal more news on Star Wars: The Old Republic. We'll be there, too, covering every moment live, right here on PCGamer.com. Which of EA's games are you most excited about this year?

Fifa 12 trailer leak shows "impact engine" in action

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A leaked and slightly fuzzy chunk of in-game Fifa 12 footage has found its way to VG247, showing offthe improved animation system, and the vaunted "impact engine" that promises to deliver bone crunching collisions with accurate injury after-effects on players.

Skip to the five minute point to get straight to the good bits, which feature famous footballers falling on their millionaire faces. if you're not a football fan, it's worth nothing that DICE are borrowing their animation tech from EA's sports games for Battlefield 3. Imagine the same realistic collisions applied to grenade blasts and bullet wounds.

Fifa 12 first shot released

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As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, there will be another Fifa game. Hopefully Fifa 12 will be the game that sees the PC versions finally completely catch up with the consoles. You can read our review of Fifa 11 here. The first Fifa 12 screen has been released, featuring Brazilian maestro Kaka. Get it below.