DuckTales Remastered

PC Gamer Podcast #360 - Drunk-lunky

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This week, Logan, Evan, and Cory ponder over the recent batch of game remakes, scan for inconsistencies in Papers, Please, and take an Nvidia Shield with them to the bath. The guys also make a strong case for the shopkeeper's right to bear arms in Spelunky. All this, our playlists, and more, on...

DuckTales: Remastered review

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Swan-diving into a vault of gold is a funny thing. On the one hand, you’ve got so much gold, you can swim in the stuff. On the other, gold is a soft metal, but it’s not that soft. As you’re barreling towards your fortune at 9.8 meters per second, thinking about how lucky you are, you’ll have just enough time to realize what a silly decision you’ve made before breaking your face on a glimmering treasure pool. I had a similar experience as I nostalgia-dove into DuckTales: Remastered 17 years after my first experience with the original 1989 NES version.

DuckTales Remastered shows off 30 minutes of new footage at Comic-Con

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DuckTales Remastered is a thing that exists, and now it's a thing with a whole load of gameplay footage to pore over, so we can decide whether it lives up to the well-regarded NES original. Capcom took the HD remake to Comic-Con this weekend, and Destructoid captured thirty minutes of video of the Himalayas stage, which is not quite up there with the moon stage in terms of catchy chiptune noises, but still. In other news, no one appears to be working on a Chip 'n' Dale remake, so there's obviously no justice in the universe.

DuckTales Remastered confirmed for PC

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Capcom have confirmed that DuckTales Remastered, their self-explanatory HD remake of NES game DuckTales, will be making its way to our PCs. As we've previously learned, the game's Moon Theme is the only way our former web-editor Marsh Davies is able to function as a human being, so this is bound to be good news for him. And for people who enjoyed the original game too, I guess.

Capcom says "hang tight" for DuckTales Remastered PC confirmation

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Capcom struck all kinds of mallard-related nostalgia at last weekend's PAX East with its announcement of DuckTales Remastered, an HD update of the classic 1990 platformer based off the cartoon with a theme-song chorus you can't really forget. The return of Scrooge, Launchpad, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and the rest of the cast is cane-hopping over to just consoles for now, but a Capcom forum post by Senior Vice President Christian Svensson states he's "working on" getting a PC version underway.