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Awesomenauts release date revealed, it's Wednesday

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Colourful 2D MOBA Awesomenauts will arrive on PC this Wednesday, according to the game's updated Steam page. That'll give us the chance to break the deadlock in a never-ending robot war using a monkey in a jetpack, widely recognised as the cutest way to forcibly instil peace on a region. Unfrotunately, there are other heroes out there waiting to stop you, which only means MORE war. Will the monkeys in jetpacks never learn? Check out the trailer below for a dose of cheery Awesomenauts charm, and be sure to absorb the theme song.

Awesomenauts is coming to PC

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The delightful 2D MOBA, Awesomenauts is coming to PC. It's been out on the consoles for a few weeks, but it'll be bringing its cheery Saturday morning cartoon charm to Steam "very soon." beyond the bright art style, Awesomenauts is notable for the way it manages to map Dota-esque concepts like lanes, towers, creeps and jungles one a single plane. The collection of heroes is nowhere near as large as League of Legends or Dota. Instead of hundreds, there are six, but they behave as differently as you might expect a rat man monkey in a jetpack and a brain in a jar to behave.

Check out the official Awesomenauts site for more details, and be sure to catch the new PC trailer and screens below, if just for the Awesomenauts theme tune.

Otherland trailer shows worlds within worlds

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[bcvideo id="1113947950001"]
This new trailer for Otherland is one of the most unusual we've ever seen. The game is based on the Otherland books by Tad Williams, which are set in a kind of shared cyberspace with a whole array of virtual worlds. As such, Otherland looks like it has at least four or five other MMOs inside the one you're actually playing. Christopher Nolan would be proud.

Otherland will be free to play, and is slated for release in 2012.

Gray Matter review

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The main reason everyone’s been looking forward to Gray Matter is that its creator, Jane Jensen, was the designer behind the Gabriel Knight series – two of the most beloved non-comic graphic adventures ever, and also Gabriel Knight 3. Let’s get this out of the way right now. Gray Matter is not Gabriel Knight 4. In any way. Frankly, if you didn’t know Jensen and co were behind it when you started playing, you’d be tipped off more by the music than anything else.

Luckily, it’s a game that more than stands alone. It’s easily the best serious adventure in ages. It looks gorgeous, the music is terrific, and the story – while very slow – is interesting. And it’s formed around a smart and engaging theme. It pits spirituality vs rationalism, as represented by Dr Stiles, a cranky neurobiologist desperate to contact his dead wife, and Sam, a street magician who scams her way into becoming his assistant, convinced the weirdness surrounding him is down to a fellow performer playing cruel pranks.

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island review

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Over the years, I’ve endured many stupid puzzles in adventure games. Even so, having to direct a trickle of coconut milk onto molten lava to cool it down enough to make a rock-bridge in order to lure a chicken to a temple entrance so that it can peck through a salt barrier may just be the stupidest in living memory.