Hearthstone Help: Interview with Dreamhack Bucharest winner

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Greetings Hearthstone fanatics and PC Gamer readers. Vincent Sarius here, PC Gamer’s resident Hearthstone decksmith. This week I’ve got something special for you: an interview with the winner of Dreamhack Bucharest, the largest Hearthstone tournament to date.

DreamHack Stockholm is underway: StarCraft 2 eSports live from Sweden

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The first major event of Dreamhack's 2013 season is up and running from Stockholm, Sweden. 96 top StarCraft II players have gathered to compete for $27,000 in prizes and up to 750 WCS points. Two group stages have already concluded, but there are plenty more matches to catch leading up to and including the overall finals on the 27th.

Ready Up - Springtime for MarineKing in NYC, winter for PartinG and DRG (4/20/2012)

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I hope you like StarCraft II, because it dominates the eSports schedule this weekend. There are two concurrent events this weekend: Dreamhack EIZO Open in Stockholm, and the MLG's StarCraft II Spring Arena 1 in New York. Arena kicks off first at 6 p.m. Eastern tonight, with MarineKingPrime (Lee Jung Hoon, Korean Terran) playing against PartinG (Won Lee Sak, Korean Protoss).

That's a highly anticipated match, and possibly a preview of the Spring Arena's Grand Finals. PartinG has been playing incredibly well lately, and is widely believed to have been robbed of a victory over MarineKing in the Global StarCraft Team League Finals at the IGN Pro League tournament in Vegas two weeks ago. PartinG was significantly ahead of MKP and on the cusp of knocking him out of the tournament when the connection dropped. The match could not be resumed, so they had to replay the same map, and this time MKP took the victory. He then went on a tear and wiped out the rest of PartinG's StarTale teammates to give his Prime team the GSTL crown.

All of which probably didn't sit terribly well with PartinG.

DreamHack Summer 2011 recap: The Promised LAN

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DreamHack Summer 2011 has come and gone, leaving a rush of exciting replays and up-and-coming teams in its wake. But what if you weren't fortunate enough to make it out to Sweden and see LAN-party Mecca for yourself? We've got an in-depth recap of the electrifying event from Borderland Gaming's own Kast, who commentated at the event and lived to tell about it.

The League of Legends Season 1 championship match is happening now. Watch it with us live!

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UPDATE: The match is over! Congratulation to LoL's first-ever world champs! (whose name has been edited out for the sake of spoilers--go watch the replay videos!)

This weekend's Sweden-based Dreamhack esports tournament has hosted some amazing matches for all the competitive games, but League of Legends is my personal favorite to watch--and almost 1,000,000 people have tuned in at one point or another to spectate the LoL portion of the tournament.

The finals match starts today at 3:00 PM PST, and you don't want to miss it! Two European teams, aAa and FnaticMSI will be duking it out for the $100,000 and all the pride, bragging rights, and nerd cred that comes with being crowned the champions of League of Legends' first Season.

You can watch video recaps, dynamic brackets, and all sorts of other goodies on Riot Games' website.

League of Legends' Dreamhack finals will be streaming all day long

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Update: Congrats to TSM for taking 3rd place! The Grand Finals between the European teams aAa (against All authority) and FnaticMSI are set to start at midnight in Sweden (3pm PST). Come back and watch the livestream with us on the site!

Consider this something of a public service announcement: if you're anywhere near a computer with internet access (likely, seeing as you're reading this), then you owe it to yourself to check out the livestream for the League of Legends DreamHack finals, which is currently (as of 10:45am PST) kicking off the match between aAa and Team SoloMid to determine who takes 3rd place and who'll be making it to the Grand Finals. With the pro-level shoutcasting and High Definition stream, this is one live event you shouldn't miss (even if you're at work—just tell your boss you have some important eSports matters to attend to). Check it out at Riot's Season One Championship site!