Divine Divinity II

Divinity: Original Sin heads to Kickstarter for extra development funds

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Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin, first seen in May last year, is founder Sven Vincke’s homage to his favorite game—Ultima 7—and “an RPG that would give people the same feeling I had when I played that game.” It shows it, too, from its top-down angles and turn-based battles much akin to its predecessor Divine Divinity. It’s set to release in the coming months, but a last-moment Kickstarter campaign seeks an extra $400,000 from backers to expand Larian’s development team to better work on the game.

Divinity: Dragon Commander trailer shows jetpack dragons, monocled lizards

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On the surface, slapping a jetpack on a dragon just seems redundant. But Divinity: Dragon Commander isn't an ordinary fantasy game. Larian's upcoming RTS/card game/RPG/skeleton marriage simulator blends political power plays with massive strategic wars, but it also piles on the absurd beyond rocketeering wyverns. Here's a trailer showing off the steampunk craziness, including appearances of elves with lightning-bolt ears, dapper dragon-men, and a somehow boobed reptilian adviser.

Pay what you want for Divinity Anthology

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GOG.com is running a "Pay what you want" deal on the Divinity series from Larian Studios. You can get the original 2002 RPG for any price you name. Beat the average (about $8 as of the writing of this article), and they'll also throw in Beyond Divinity. Double the average, and you'll get early access to the Divinity II Developer's Cut when it releases later this month.