Deep Shadows

White Gold review

Phill Cameron at

"Zombies? That’s ridiculous. It was giant cougars that killed him.” That’s my CIA handler. The one who’s supposed to be keeping a cool head in the midst of anarchy. The one I’m relying on to help me with my mission, to stop the flow of poisonous cocaine out of Colombia that’s killing rappers and starlets. The record company hired me, you see.

White Gold is about as close to an open-world RPG as it is to an FPS. You level up, have an inventory to manage, and upgrade your equipment with brightly coloured boxes. You have standings with each faction, which raise and lower depending on how many of their opposition you kill. In theory, that’s how it all works.

The Precursors review

Jaz McDougall at

You start The Precursors in a suspiciously corridor-shaped jungle, shooting plant monsters. Two marines with the same voice-actor nag you to hurry up, even after they’ve been melted by plant spit. This is not a polished game.

Depending on who you talk to in this FPS-RPG, your name is Tris, or Treece, or Trees Creighton and you’re a soldier in the Amarnian army. Actually, wait, an ace space pilot. Or a mercenary. A bounty hunter, even. Someone somewhere spilled coffee on the The Precusors’ story bible.