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Scribblenauts Unmasked adds Batman, Superman and co., is yours to batbuy right now

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It's been a good few days for superheroes. Marvel's Agents of Shield thingy made its UK TV debut, I learnt about Phoenix Jones, and I made the surprising discovery that, after being bitten by a radioactive Spider-Man, I can now pass for Tobey Maguire in a look-a-like competition if you don't look too closely or ask me to speak. With great power, comes great responsibility. Also of note: Scribblenauts Unmasked has been released, mysteriously on-time for once. It adds DC characters to the wordy, imaginative puzzle game - characters like Batman, The Joker, Superman and, er, all the other lesser ones no one ever remembers.

Major League Gaming and Infinite Crisis join forces

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For a game that’s still in closed beta, Infinite Crisis is doing quite well for itself. The free-to-play MOBA has partnered with eSports behemoth, Major League Gaming, and will be among League of Legends and Black Ops II as a featured title in future competitions.

DC Universe Online is going free to play next month

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Sony Online Entertainment have told IGN that DC Universe Online is going free to play in October, which is great news for anyone tempted by the prospect of a flashy, accessible superhero RPG that makes excellent use of the world of DC Comics.

It's good news, too, for DC Universe Online players, who have suffered at launch from the hacker attacks that closed Sony Online Entertainment's servers for a while earlier this year. Can the free to play shift reinvigorate the plucky young superhero MMO? Read on for more on the pricing system, and Sony's reasons for making DCUO free to play.

Batman: Arkham City trailer stars Catwoman's cleavage

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In yesterday's round up we brought news that Catwoman will be a playable character in Batman: Arkham City. Now there's a new trailer to prove it.

Click more for the details.

Batman: Arkham City is eight hours long, new trailer shows in-game footage

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Rocksteady say that Batman: Arkham City's single player story can be played through in eight hours, providing you don't spend any time sight-seeing, explore or doing any of the side missions. There's also a new trailer, showing some in-game footage, which you'll find embedded below.

Batman: Arkham City to feature helicopter travel, Calendar Man

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Some pre-GDC previews have given us a few more facts about Batman: Arkham City, including side missions, the villain Calendar Man, and Batman's new ability to travel around the city by grappling on to low flying helicopters. Where the Batcopter at?

Batman: Arkham City screens show Joker's fun house

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Four fantastic new Batman: Arkham City screens have been released, showing the variety of Arkham City's locations. There's a dilapidated fun house, a towering factory and some shots of the city rooftops populated by snipers. Poor goons, they never look up, do they?

Batman: Arkham City won't have multiplayer

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Ever since it was revealed that Catwoman would play a major part in Arkham City, there have been rumours of a co-op mode that might see the bat and the cat team up to take on the rogue criminals of Gotham. Sadly Rocksteady studio boss has spoken out to puncture these rumours, saying "Arkham City is a single-player only experience."

New Batman: Arkham City screens show helicopters, Harley Quinn and doomed goons

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We recently learned that Arkham City is going to be five times bigger than Arkham Asylum. The latest screenshots show off the scale of Gotham, and give us glimpse of Harley Quinn and some of the new goons we'll be bruising when the game's released this Autumn. You'll find the new screens below.

DC Universe Online patched, Sony promise more fixes soon

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The latest DC Universe Online patch has arrived aimed at improving the voice chat features of the game. There are also changes to the difficulty of some of the missions, as well as a collection of bug fixes. Sony have been talking about their plans for the next few patches for the game, including their intention to give players the option to turn off the overenthusiastic profanity filter. You'll find the full patch notes below.

DC Universe Online Smallville alert detailed

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Not even the place where Superman grew up is safe from villainy. Lex Luthor is in town, and he has a brilliant and diabolical plan. He's trapped Doomsday in hi-tech prison, carefully hidden in a place where nobody would ever find him - inside the barn where Superman grew up. Hang on a minute, that's a rubbish plan. Perhaps he figured it'd be the last place Superman would look. He was wrong. The man of steel has recruited you to stop Luthor's scheme as part of one of DC Universe Online's latest alert missions. Read on for details and a video.

The PC Gamer EU DC Universe Online League now recruiting

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Calling all heroes! If you're playing DC Universe Online then you should totally join the brand new, super heroic PC Gamer league of heroes. Join us in our epic quest to find the Joker and punch him in the face. You'll find details on how to sign up below.

DC Universe Online to receive free monthly updates

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President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley has been talking about Sony's plans to support DC Universe Online, saying that subscribers can expect "major content updates" as well as monthly patches for the game. Details follow.

DC Universe Online out this week, features giant evil robotic egg

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Superhero MMO DC Universe Online is out in the US today, and will be released everywhere else this Friday. Sony Online have released a trailer to celebrate, showing a mission set on Oolong Island, a place populated by mad scientists and bad robots, all acting under the control of a giant robot egg monster. You'll find the trailer embedded below.

Arkham City trailer reveals Hugo Strange as new villain

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A new Arkham City trailer adds Hugo Strange to the roster of super-villains that will be tormenting Arkham City next year. The video has Strange interrogating a SWAT team captain about an encounter with the caped crusader. Head below for footage of Batman violently doing what he does best.

New DC Universe Online video and screens show Batman taking on Joker

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The latest screens for DC Universe Online show the Dark Knight battling it out with the Joker in the Batcave. There's also a spooky fly through video of Gotham City, showing of many recognisable landmarks like Arkham Asylum, Crime Alley and the Joker's favourite deserted fairground, Amusement Mile. You'll find all of the new images and the video embedded below.

Interrogate enemies in Batman: Arkham City

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If there's one thing that Batman loves to do, it's hang a thug upside down and scream at him until his spirit breaks. Rocksteady have revealed that in Batman: Arkham City, you'll be able interrogate your foes for leads. Not only that, but the Riddler's back, and he's smarmier than ever.

Batman: Arkham City announced

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This is the "Arkham Asylum 2" everyone was talking about. It's been named, and it's set in Arkham City. Hey, wait a second - that isn't where Batman lives. What gives?