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PC Gamer US Podcast #317 - Bosses From Hell

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This week Josh, Evan, Tyler and T.J. talk about what it means for Diablo 3 to be the PC's fastest-selling game as we do some critiquing of its bosses and item drops balancing. We also touch on the TOR layoffs, leaked information that sheds light on Bungie's development of a massively multiplayer-style sci-fantasy, over-hyphenated action-shooter for the PC, and RO2's new patch. At 55:00, Evan shares a tale from Day Z.

PC Gamer US Podcast 317: Bosses From Hell

Weekend Game Deals - ARMAzing stories!

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Watch our Day Z livestream today, 3 PM PST

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After rambling on about the mod in our podcast this week and in our Day Z interview, we've gotten a lot of requests for a live demo of the game.

Hop onto to watch me try and survive in the brutal-but-beautiful landscape of Chernarus. I plan to stream for about three hours, beginning at 3 PM Pacific, 5 PM Central, 6 PM Eastern, and 11 PM GMT.

Day Z interview -- how zombies + Arma 2 created gaming's best story machine

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Day Z will be one of the most important things to happen in gaming this year. It's an open-world, persistent, PvP and PvE zombie survival mod built atop a hardcore military simulator. And despite its harsh mechanics, permadeath, and absence of instruction, it's spreading like wildfire. More than 48,000 unique players are in the alpha, and the thing you need to play it, Arma 2: Combined Operations, hovered at the top of Steam top sellers this week.

I spoke the mod's creator, Dean "Rocket" Hall, over Skype. We chatted for an hour about player emotions, AI programming, Minecraft, and what features to expect next in Day Z—like dog companions. Hall joined Bohemia Interactive in January as a Game Designer on Arma 3.

For the love of PC gaming, download Day Z--Arma 2's zombie survival mod

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Read, and be shaken by your shoulders: the open-world zombie game you’ve probably always wanted exists. It’s called Day Z.

It runs as a mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations, in a haunted version of Arma’s 225 km² imitation of the Czech Republic, Chernarus. It isn’t perfect. The servers are usually full. But it is an incredible adaptation of the things Arma does well: emergent gameplay, making you feel vulnerable and powerful, decision making, managing supplies, and tense teamwork.