David Gaider

GDC 2013: BioWare's David Gaider asks, "How about we just decide how not to repel women?"

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Dragon Age Senior Writer David Gaider gave a talk at GDC yesterday titled "Sex in Video Games." It wasn't about "boobies and penises," as Gaider jokingly put it, but about how sex and gender are portrayed in games, and why the industry should take responsibility for the messages it sends. His conclusion is that the industry, at the very least, needs to stop actively repelling women and minorities, and is responsible for setting a tone which condones sexism.

Dragon Age lead writer: "I dislike the idea of every character being sexually available"

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David Gaider, Senior Writer at BioWare and a major creative force behind the Dragon Age franchise, recently posted a frank essay on romance sub-plots in RPGs on his blog. The manifesto, spotted by Eurogamer, explores the issues romanceable party members present, and explains why he doesn't advocate too much openness when it comes to who can get with whom.