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Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India interview: new religions, tiger hunting, and war elephants

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Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India releases this Tuesday, expanding the map of Paradox's medieval strategy sandbox to central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Not one to venture into strange, new lands unprepared, I met with CK2 lead designer Henrik Fåhraeus to learn everything there was to know about what lies in wait with this expansion. We talked about historical accuracy, India's religions and castes, and more. If you promise not to plot my untimely death, you can share in my findings below.

Giveaway: win a copy of Crusader Kings 2

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We have ten codes for Crusader Kings 2 to give away to our most devious readers. You'll need a ruthless streak if you're going to keep the throne in this expansive medieval strategy game. Waging war and maintaining your kingdom are important, but you'll also have to work hard to secure a healthy line of succession for your empire using favoured medieval methods, like assassination, and marriage. The trailer above provides a glimpse of the nefarious practices needed to keep your pawns in all the right places.

All you have to do to win a code is answer the following question in the comments. We'll pick out our ten favourites next week.

PC Gamer UK Issue 238: how to redeem your Crusader King and Juggernaut codes

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The latest issue of PC Gamer UK will be hitting store shelves soon! This month proud owners of Issue 238 will get Crusader Kings and its expansion, Deus Vult for free as well as bonus armour and health boosts in free to play MMO, Juggernaut. You'll find the codes on a card between pages 66 and 67, but there is a SLIGHT PROBLEM. Our giant laser printing robot has gone rogue and, in a small act of petty rebellion, printed the codes the wrong way round. Stupid machine.

So, if you're redeeming your code for Crusader Kings, the code at the bottom of the page is the one you want (the one starting with "CKCOM"). If you're redeeming your free Juggernaut goodies, use the code in the Crusader Kings box.

Apologies for the mixup. The laser printing robot has received disciplinary action and been demoted to printing the spine, with details of our Guild Wars 2 cover feature, our MMO supertest, our advanced look at Medal of Honor: Warfighter and our Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai review. You'll find all that and more in issue 238 of - wait, why is "Issue 237" on the spine? CURSE YOU, ROBOT.