Need For Speed: Most Wanted review

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You’re cruising the downtown streets in a shiny new Lamorghini when – gasp – you spot an equally gorgeous Maserati tucked away down a side-street. What do you have to do to possess that delicious new motor? What challenges do you have to beat, races do you have to win, pockets do you have to pick? None, actually. Just pull up alongside it and it’s yours for the taking.

Most Wanted’s sprawlingly open world, Fairhaven, is a free-for-all. Every location, every nook and cranny – and all 123 vehicles – are accessible from the off, you just have to explore and discover. If that sounds too easy, the real challenge, as in Hot Pursuit, Criterion’s previous entry in the Need for Speed canon, is beating your friends’ records to creep up that leaderboard and gloat like the obnoxious owner of a German sportscar that costs more than most peoples’ houses.

Criterion interested in bringing back Road Rash, get your chains at the ready

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Speaking to The Guardian - and to the part of me that would whack someone with a chain for a new Road Rash - Criterion's Craig Sullivan expressed an interest in the Burnout/Need for Speed developer tackling the '90s bike-violence classic next. It wouldn't be completely pie-in-the-sky - if you remember that Burnout publisher EA also owns the rights to Road Rash, then it suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted takes on the top ten racers in the city of Fairhaven

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Criterion know where their strengths lie. What Burnout lacked in nuance and realism it made up for with a wicked sense of speed and squealing, somersaulting crashes. Paradise introduced both elements to a city-sized destruction derby custom-made for violent racing. The town of Fairhaven will offer a similarly expansive warren of challenges which will tie into an updated version of the Autolog system, which will match your performance against your friends on the fly.

There will be lots of AI supercars to flip as well, though, as evidenced by the latest Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer. Which features a few snippets of in-game footage (with a HUD and everything), cut into lingering in-engine shots of glossy automobiles drifting through corners and sniffing out every ramp in the neighbourhood. Catch the slo-mo auto show jumping in the video below.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer shows a race and a chase in Fairport City

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Criterion's reboot of 2005's Need for Speed: Most Wanted will mesh players together with an upgraded version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit's Autolog system. It tracks your every start finish time and then lets your friends know whenever you beat their time, but also acts as a fluid matchmaking system that'll let you start events on the fly in Most Wanted's open world city. The latest footage over on Evil Avatar shows such a session in action, with video of a race and a hairy escape. It feels, if anything, a lot like Burnout: Paradise, which is no bad thing, but will it have the original Most Wanted's level of car customisation? And will we get to play as the cops?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gets three new cars in latest patch

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Criterion have released a second patch for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and it's one worth getting excited about. It contains three new cars! Read on to learn more.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit review

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It was a lengthy, arduous duel but, when that last squeeze of nitrous cannoned my Porsche 911 GT3 RS police cruiser into the back of the fugitive Nissan 370Z Coupe, I got my reward. The hapless Nissan flipped skyward, smashing into a nearside guardrail in a cinematic slow-motion spasm of broken glass and crumpled metal.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit delivers moments of vehicular conflict and channeled road-rage for engrossing cops-vs-speeders combative driving (for the first time since 2005’s NFS: Most Wanted), but hits some potholes along the way.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit DLC not coming to PC

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Criterion have announced that the planned DLC packs won't be coming to PC, citing a "limited amount of resources" as the reason for the lack of PC support.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit patch to fix performance issues

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit came out last week, but since release many players have been reporting performance problems during races. A patch is due to hit next week, with fixes aimed at making the game run faster, particularly on multi-core processors. Read on for the full list of patch notes.

Crazy cops in latest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer

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If the police actually drove ridiculously sleek supercars of the kind shown in the latest trailer for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, then I would probably be a policeman right now. But Hot Pursuit isn't the real world, it's set in Seacrest County. In Seacrest County they don't have 'squad cars', they have 'Interceptors'. In Seacrest County, when the tough get going, they go really, really fast. The latest, stupidly exciting Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer is embedded below, showing Seacrest County's finest in action.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit to start race wars

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The latest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit video shows off some of the hyper-competitive networking features the game will game will have. Essentially, it's going to start a four-wheeled war with everyone on your friends list. Check out the video below.

Blistering new trailer for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

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Burnout developers Criterion are in charge of the upcoming reboot of Need for Speed's Hot Pursuit, and it's looking pretty damn exciting. The world of Hot Pursuit is like a rough part of town where the gangs are in an arms race with the cops, except it's set in the wide alpine outdoors, and instead of guns it's got cars. Impossibly sleek, ludicrously expensive cars. See them action in the new trailer below.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is coming to PC

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EA have just launched the latest Need for Speed game, it's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and it's being developed by Burnout creators Criterion. In the demo shown at the EA E3 press conference, a Koenigsegg was chased by police driving Buggati Verons through a vast redwood forest. It was pretty, exciting  and fast. But it's the new online features that offer the most intricate innovation.