Crawl review (Early Access)

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Step into the next randomly generated room of the dungeon, hear the click as the doors lock, and see the traps and summoning circles that await and you’ll know that death is haunting you. In Crawl, Powerhoof’s ‘co-opetition’ game currently on Steam Early Access, death isn’t just inevitable, it’s required. But Powerhoof has managed to take the classic dungeon crawler formula and make dying fun as hell.

Crawl, a multiplayer dungeon crawler with a twist, is now in Early Access

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Crawl doesn't look very interesting at first glance: it's a randomly generated dungeon crawler with a retro aesthetic. Look deeper though, and you'll find a devious multiplayer twist. One player takes control of the hero, while up to three other players control monsters and traps. If one of the monster players manages to kill the hero, then they get a turn at being the nice guy.

Powerhoof announces delay for Crawl with an apologetic gif

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If you have to admit you’ve made a mistake, it’s best to do it in a blaze of pixelated glory. At least, that’s the tactic Powerhoof used to announce the delay of its upcoming dungeon crawler, the aptly named Crawl. With the game set to release on Steam Early Access in just a week, Powerhoof was forced to push back the game’s launch. Then the two-man team decided to pacify the inevitable anger by breaking the news in the form of a gif, and boy did it work.

Crawl trailer is a perfect horror pastiche for some same-screen arcade action

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If Powerhoof can make games like they can make trailers, then Crawl could be very good indeed. It's a same-screen multiplayer brawler, in which the player must avoid the traps and enemies activated by their ghostly friends. The concept is dramatically explained in the video, by a narrator whose hammy horror acting would make Vincent Price proud. Of course, as an indie game, it's also accompanied by some expressive pixel animations and a glitchy chiptune soundtrack.