Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive highlights more community maps in Operation: Breakout

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Where next on the terrorism/counter-terrorism world tour that is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Valve have launched Operation: Breakout—the latest in a series of seasonal events for the competitive shooter. This time, the community-created maps that it spotlights are available in official matchmaking to all players.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's seasonal update brings new maps and deadly gifts

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Like a drunken uncle, CS:GO is going to be offensive this Christmas. It'll be making lewd jokes, swearing incoherently, and... oh, the other kind of offensive? I guess that makes sense. In that case, the Winter Offensive update will bring a new case of weapons skins, a new e-sports crowd-funding case, and - in a limited format - two new maps. All in all, it's not very wintry. But is it offensive?

Counter-Strike GO 'Operation Payback' supports top-voted community maps

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Following rumors back in March that Valve had something special up its sleeves for user-made maps, comes the official unveiling of 'Operation Payback'. The service, which costs a flat $5.99 fee, allows unlimited access to dedicated servers hosting top-voted community maps, but only until July 31.

Counter-Strike: GO mapper threatened with legal action by Montreal transit authority

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A Counter-Strike: GO community mapmaker is being threatened by the Société de transport de Montreal after creating map based on the Berri-UQAM Metro station. Diego Liastis recreated the Canadian underground station with some friends, but came to the attention of the transit authority when he requested permission to use the location. The STM have reportedly issued a cease-and-desist, threatening a $50,000 fine plus legal fees if the map is released to the public.

ESL announce the largest independent Dota 2 competition so far

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Big news for Dota 2's esports community. ESL have announced a brand new tournament with the largest prize pool outside of Valve's own International. Dota 2 will be the second game to be part of the RaidCall EMS One, a new competition based on the ESL Major Series. The $156,000 prize will be split across four seasons through 2013.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update rebalances weapons, adds Deathmatch

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Valve have released a giant patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, bringing a new Deathmatch mode to the game, along with some major balance changes and bug fixes.

Deathmatch seems like an odd inclusion for the traditionally teamwork heavy online shooter, but Valve suggest that, as well as a fun sideshow, it can be an invaluable gamemode for honing your skills. "Practice your aim with individual weapons like the pros," they write. "spawn with a random weapon, or boost your score by taking advantage of bonus timers. There’s no wrong way to play."