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Incredipede's terrifying leg-monster shuffles menacingly onto Steam today

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After winning over Greenlight with its many legs and its creepy, singular eye, Incredipede has finally arrived on Steam [UPDATE: Here it is]. Or it will in a bit, presumably when the Americas wake up and are mentally prepared to deal with the Cthulhian monstrosities you can conjure up in this ungodly creature-building game. I mean, just look at that thing up there. I don't know whether to put it out of its misery or hide under the covers until it goes away. In addition to adding a bunch of new features (details below), the Steam version of Incredipede will launch with a sale, knocking $5 off the typical asking price.

Incredipede trailer pulls limbs out of an eyeball and makes it walk in a creepy but awesome way

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Incredipede is an indie puzzle game that "celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world" by letting you pull bony limbs out of a giant green eyeball, and then fasten muscles to its twisted joints to create a monster capable of traversing 60 increasingly perilous levels. It's disturbing and strangely beautiful, and I can't wait to play it.