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SimCity marketing campaigns temporarily suspended by EA

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Another hour, another chapter in SimCity's troubled saga. This time around, Polygon received a message sent by EA to its marketing affiliates requesting to "please stop actively promoting the game" until the ongoing server issues clear up.

EA confident that Origin will be stable for SimCity international launch

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After last night's founding of the fledgling SimCity, EA's meticulous planning was put to the test as thousands of new resident's poured in, quickly jamming up the roads of the internet. Protesters quickly gathered around the town hall of Origin, but the damage was done - property prices were plummeting thanks to the Always-Online, er, factory? Okay, I'll admit that this wasn't the perfect analogy.

After the major connection queues experienced by US SimCity buyers last night, the Origin twitter account is attempting to reassure everyone that Thursday's international launch will be a smoother experience.

Cities XL 2011 review

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I’m losing more than $10,000 a minute. My citizens hate me because I’ve had to sell all the Ferris wheels. They leave in droves and I spiral further and further into debt. In city-building sim Cities XL 2011, it’s easy to lose, but you can never really win. You have to work hard to turn a profit and keep everyone happy.

Cities in Motion is a modern day Transport Tycoon

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In Cities in Motion, your task is to craft the perfect public transport system. It's not a city builder per se, although it does come with a level editor. Instead, your job is to connect up the various parts of the city in the most efficient way possible - avoiding cancellations, delays, and making sure your customers are happy.