Razer expands into PC cases with custom-designed NZXT H440

Wes Fenlon at

First Razer built mice and headsets and PC accessories. Then Razer built its own computers—the Razer Blade laptop and the modular Project Christine. Now the inevitable has happened: Razer's built a PC case. The company's big product reveal for E3 2014 is a custom Razer-designed NZXT H440 case, a sleek black obelisk with the usual neon green highlighting.

The NZXT H440 is part of Razer's "Designed by Razer" initiative, which means they didn't actually manufacture the case. Instead, they took a mid-tower case design from NZXT and ran it through Razer's design team in San Francisco, tweaking the materials and aesthetics to meet Razer's specifications.

Lian Li train inspired case steams into view

Adam Oxford at

I was going to post something today about playing Black Mesa on Linux, then this popped into my inbox, so you'll have to wait. It's a PC case, shaped like a steam train. Obviously that takes precedence over everything.

Designed by Lian Li the PC-CK101 is a mini-ITC chassis which comes in two versions – one fixed model for the mantlepiece and one that actually goes up and down the tracks, apparently. I've never been especially fixated by trains (although my uncle did own a renovated steam engine), but this is fantastic.

Hard Stuff: Case Roundup

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Tempest 210 NZXT

The Tempest 210 isn’t all that large, measuring in at 19.3 inches deep, 17.9 inches tall, and 7.7 inches wide. It does manage to squeeze in a decent amount of stuff for its size, though, including two fans (a 14cm top exhaust fan and 12cm rear exhaust fan) with support for five more. There are seven PCI expansion slots, and although it comes with just three optical drive bays, it does include eight toolless hard drive bays and an SSD mount at the bottom of the case.