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PC Gamer Podcast #376 - GDC 2014 with Steve Gaynor, Sean Vanaman, and more

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In this week's special GDC 2014 episode, we recorded from Tyler's kitchen in downtown San Francisco with two groups of game developer guests who hiked over from GDC. First up, hear from Xaviant design director Tim Lindsey, whose resume also includes CCP, Bethesda, and Hi-Rez; Twinbeard Studios founder and Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford; and Mode 7 Games' Ian Hardingham, who designed and programmed Frozen Synapse and is now working on Frozen Endzone.

Campo Santo announces its first game: Firewatch

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Campo Santo, a small San Francisco game studio composed of former Telltale, 2K Marin, and Double Fine developers, announced its first project: a first-person, single-player game called Firewatch. According to Camp Santo’s announcement, you’ll play as a man named Henry and explore the Wyoming wilderness after taking a summer job as a fire lookout.

Former Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja designers form new indie studio

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Campo Santo is a new indie development studio formed by former developers from games like The Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja. The San Francisco-based studio will work on a as-yet untitled project for PC, Mac, and Linux, according to its official blog.