Indie Pinata offers individual discounts on "curated" game collection

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Another day, another indie game bundle, but the Indie Pinata is a little bit different. Put together by developer Crunching Koalas, it's a collection of games similar in one way or another to its recently released MouseCraft. But rather than gathering them all together into a single package, it offers individual discounts to every game in the list to anyone who buys, or already owns, at least one of them.

Bundle Stars deal offers classic strategy games

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I know people are still collecting cans, doing odd jobs and taking out bank loans to replenish the void the recent Steam sale left in everyone’s wallet, so don’t start throwing nickels at me when I tell you there’s yet another sale of video games elsewhere. You’ll need those nickels for the sale.

Indie Royale's Hammerhead Bundle includes Primordia, Forge, no visible sharks

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The Indie Royale game bundle returns with its most cryptically mysterious name since the last time it had a cryptically mysterious name. Called the Hammerhead Bundle, it features five games. Some of them are about robots, some of them are about vehicular combat, some of them are about fantasy brawling, none of them appear to be about angry fish. As always, there's a trailer round up of the included games. See how many sharks you can spot.

Steam's newest bundle is an Unreal deal

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If I was nerdy enough to have a "favorite engine," it would probably be the Unreal Engine - not necessarily for its technical achievements (though you can't say it hasn't been pivotal in game development's innovation the past decade), but for its accessibility. The easy-breezy development kit has been especially kind to indies, and because of that, some brilliantly creative games have been built on the engine. Now Steam's flogging an Unreal Indie Bundle, and for $20, it's actually got a pretty admirable selection of games.

IndieGala bundle defies its own name - includes Mass Effect 2

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Traditionally, the IndieGala bundle has focused on some of the lesser known indies, especially when compared to the more famous games that headline the Humble Indie Bundles. That's not quite the case this time around. Sure, you can debate the definition of what does and doesn't constitute an indie studio, but I think everyone would agree that Bioware are well outside of that label. Odd then, that Mass Effect 2 is a beat-the-average reward for the Gala's latest collection.

Latest Indie Royale bundle celebrates Valentine's day with explosions

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Valentine's Day isn't usually synonymous with charging monsters and punch-packing rocket launchers, but that's the direction Indie Royale have taken with their Valentine's Bundle 2.0. Serious Sam 3: BFE headlines the six-game selection. I guess those screaming headless bomb-arm guys really were just trying to give you a hug.

A bundle of bundles: Indie Royale, Indie Gala and the Free Bundle all live

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Actually, is Bundle the collective noun for indie bundles? Maybe it should be something else. A flock of bundles? A discount of bundles? A hipster of bundles? Whatever they are, a bunch of non-Humble indie game collections are currently running. Here's a round-up of what pay-what-you-want delights are currently available.

Xmas Bundle 2.0 offers Offspring Fling, Serious Sams and more

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With December 25th just around the corner, now's the perfect time to put your Christmas shopping off for a few more days, then panic-buy everything at a petrol station the night before. OR, if you're lucky enough to have family that know what to do with an executable file, you could always splash out on Indie Royale's festive Xmas Bundle 2.0. This second iteration boasts some big names - Offspring Fling, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and Double DD - and some big concepts, including Colour Bind, a 2D puzzler that rewrites the laws of physics.

Brand new Bundle In A Box bigs up Eclectic Delights

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There are a lot of bundles around at the moment, so many that it can be hard to keep track, but even among the cacophony, Bundle In A Box is one that stands out. A reminder: it's the bundle that directly supports indie developers in the form of the Indie Dev Grant, in addition to donating money to charity. The latest pay-what-you-want bundle launched yesterday, offering (at a basic level) Shadows of the Vatican Act 1, Delve Deeper, War of the Human Tanks, Eversion, and first-person psychological horror Fibrillation, which is worth playing even despite the rubbish voiceover.

The Indie Buskers return with a new bundle of wonderfully inventive games

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Back in March we doffed our caps at the Indie Buskers, a group of developers that asked the public (yes, including you, Dave) for ideas, before turning the most popular into actual games over a 48-hour period. Well, they've only gone and done it again over the weekend, creating such gems as Diplomatic Doom, Phone Phantom, and the novel stealth game Sneaky Brats, details of which lie after the break.