Bullet Run

Bullet Run cancelled: SOE's free-to-play shooter shuts down in March

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Right now, you'd be forgiving for thinking "what the hell is Bullet Run?" Browsing through the game's site tag, it seems we've only mentioned SOE's free-to-play FPS once before. That was for my review. I gave it 32%. Perhaps not a huge surprise to hear that it's being shut down, then.

Bullet Run review

Phil Savage at

Bullet Run is a free-to-play FPS that doubles as a rolling 24-hour advertisement for itself. “Boost Your Game!” Is that a thing I want to do? “Go Platinum!” What, why? What’s happening? “Buy Weapons! Upgrade Skills! Get Style! Get Station Cash!” Jesus, Bullet Run, calm down. How about you just let me play a game of you?