Brian Mitsoda

Dead State gameplay video shows turn-based combat, unfortunate scavenger

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You're free to wander the wastes of Dead State, Brian Mitsoda's Kickstarted isometric turn-based zombie RPG, to scrounge and scavenge resources for your ramshackle stronghold and the haggard survivors holed up inside. Picking through abandoned buildings is essentially a siren's call for shambling zeds to hunt your tasty flesh, and in a video released today, Mitsoda demonstrates both how to defend yourself with the various weapons you'll find and the game's overall development progress.

Dead State developer Brian Mitsoda explains why zombies aren't the point

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DoubleBear Productions is less than $20,000 away from unleashing the zombie apocalypse. Their turn-based survival RPG Dead State is well on-track to meet its Kickstarter funding goal, with over $130,000 of $150,000 already raised and only half of the time limit for fund-raising elapsed. We had a chat with lead designer and Black Isle/Troika/Obsidian veteran Brian Mitsoda about crowd-funding the end of the world, why he thinks that explaining the undead's origin is lame, and how Dead State isn't "just another zombie game."