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Celebrity SimCity: Day 3 - Everyone poops

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We took a brief hiatus while repair crews worked on the NA West 1 (giving us time to release a 3-page document outlining our criticisms), but we've finally returned to PCG County. Despite unusually frequent seismic disasters and more than one sewage debacle, the region lives on: Notchtopia continues to grow, Belmonte Carlo is a playground for the rich, Hepatitis Seas is turning yellowish, and Executive Mayor Evan Lahti has now founded Texas II: Origins—this time, it's personoil.

PC Gamer US Podcast #278: Days of Yore

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On this week's podcast, the rag-tag PCG squad members Chris, Dan, Tyler, and Lucas join forces once again with recurring special guest Brian Brushwood. Listen in awe as they chat about post-apocalyptic themes, Zynga's intimidating market share, World of Warcraft's Rage of the Firelands, and some more zany Truthiness and Falsity questions. Also: find out which nostalgic games we love, and which ones aren't looking too hot these days.

PC Gamer US Podcast 278: Days of Yore

PC Gamer US Podcast 255 - The Uncanny Prune

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Special guest Brian Brushwood joins Evan, Logan, Chris, and new intern Anthony to discuss discoveries at CES, wireless video cards, StarCraft master-leagues and more. Josh also stops by to chat about his experiences in the recently launched DCUO.

PC Gamer US Podcast 255 - Uncanny Prune

PC Gamer US Podcast 251 - Soul Eater

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Having barely survived the laser death cat and his devious accordion the now slightly less fearful PC Gamer crew invites a fire breathing human man on the show.  Brian Brushwood of Scam School and the NSFW podcast joins us to talk about growing up goblin, bringing a violent end to Santa's elves, what is worth living for in 2011 and much more.

Logan and Evan getting schooled.

PC Gamer US Podcast 251 - Soul Eater