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TERA publisher stresses importance of treating free players equally and fairly

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Fantasy slash-em-up TERA took a jewel-encrusted sword to its subscription model earlier this month, adding itself to the slowly swelling ranks of free-to-play MMOs offering a fairly heavy chunk of content for no cost. It's safe assuming publisher En Masse Entertainment seeks a smooth transition, and as part of that process, Associate Producer Patrick Sun told the studio won't bog down free players with paywalled account and content lockouts.

Tera's election system going live: Vote for Xxpwnznubsxx!

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One of the many intriguing features of action MMO Tera is the ability for players to be elected "Vanarch" of any of the game's zones, and it's kicking off right now. These elected player officials will preside over their domains for three-week terms, able to make decisions such as enabling or disabling open PvP and how much of the gold you earn is taxed to support the state.

6 things that will surprise MMO veterans jumping into Tera

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While many of Tera's mechanics and systems will be familiar for those used to the “WoW template,” MMOers expecting everything to be the same run the risk of getting tripped up by some of its more convention-bending mechanics.

These few helpful tips will help ease your transition from the virtual world of your choice to Tera’s sweeping landscape of elves, giants and oversized-sword-wielding badgers.

Cheat death in Tera with Crystals

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I died at the tiny little hands of adorable pixies in Fey Forest. It only happened once, but in an MMO where your skill, not gear, is the biggest determinate between victory and defeat, every death is an embarrassment. Even worse, I was livestreaming at the time so literally ones of people saw it happen.

But one man stood among the crowd of mockers and offered me the best advice I've received since jumping into Tera: go buy Crystals for your gear. Those six words have redeemed my leveling speed; allow me to pass on this sage wisdom to you.

Seize power with TERA's intriguing political system

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Do you fancy yourself a born leader? What if you could prove it, without the fake photo smiles, baby-kissing, or mud-slinging of real world politics? With TERA's upcoming political system, you can set out on a campaign for control from the comfort of your butt-contoured chair. In this exclusive video, hear from TERA producer Chris Hager as he explains the ins-and-outs of taking office in an MMO. Whether you attain leadership through brute force or popularity, you'll have a heck of a time working to please the people and get the server population on your side. But hey—isn't that what politics are all about?

Exclusive TERA footage illuminates the Dark Cathedral

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Every day is better when you've seen an adorable panda shooting a bow and arrow at a gargantuan monster. Well, technically, it's a Popori, but you get what I mean. Check out this exclusive footage of the new Dark Cathedral dungeon, coming soon to the Korean-import MMO TERA. Whether or not you're a fan of the MMO genre, the visuals on display here are UNDENIABLY gorgeous. This quick playthrough of the instance gives you a look at all the bosses you'll have to down if you want that phat loot, as well as the ominous interior of the once-pure cathedral. If only more games could incorporate low-cut dresses, killer pandas, and dudes smacking around skeletons with two-handed cleavers, the world would be a better place.